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Undergraduate Student Guide

UOWD Undergraduate Student Guide 2017-18

The University of Wollongong in Dubai aims to produce graduates with the academic calibre, professional skills and personal characteristics to make an immediate and profound impact on the next stage of their career. All programs at UOWD will instil you with a range of qualities that will be recognised and valued by employers throughout your professional life.

Graduates of UOWD are:


  • Have a sound knowledge of their chosen area of study;
  • Understand the current issues (local, regional, international) in their area of study;      
  • Know how to apply this knowledge;
  • Understand how an area of study has developed and how it relates to other areas.

Independent Learners

  • Engage with new ideas and ways of thinking to critically analyse issues;
  • Seek to extend knowledge through ongoing research, enquiry and reflection;
  • Find and evaluate information, using a variety of sources and technologies;
  • Acknowledge the work and ideas of others.

Problem Solvers

  • Take on challenges and opportunities;
  • Apply creative, logical and critical thinking skills to respond effectively;
  • Make and implement decisions;
  • Be flexible, thorough, innovative and aim for high standards.

Effective Communicators

  • Articulate ideas and convey them effectively using a range of media;
  • Work collaboratively and engage with people in different settings;
  • Recognise how culture can shape communication.


  • Understand how decisions can affect others and make ethically  informed  choices;
  • Appreciate and respect diversity;
  • Act with integrity as part of local, national, global and professional communities.