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HR and Leadership Presentation

18 Jun 2013 - 18:00
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In association with The Human Resources Forum, UOWD welcomes Nick Holley, Co-Director for the Centre of HR Excellence at Henley Business School, UK, to present the Centre's recent research on Leadership Development and Big Data.

Leadership Development

Nick has recently been involved in an in-depth study of the current state of leadership development, focused on 5 key questions that were discussed by representatives of 25 major organisations

1.  To what extent is leadership developable?
2.  Are we looking for a quick fix?
3.  Where does responsibility lie?
4.  Is it too difficult to measure?
5.  Is HR up to the task?

What came out of these debates were four overall principles:

1.   The goal of Leadership Development is to develop leadership that makes a positive difference to the organisation
2.   Leadership is a mindset not a course
3.   We will measure the impact leadership is having on the organisation's challenges not measure leadership development
4.   HR will focus on addressing current and future organisational challenges not selling leadership development solutions

Nick will explain why there is a gap between what we know about leadership development and what we do, and provide some suggestions on how to put the principles into practice.

Big Data - The power of HR analytics

In its first report in 2013 the Centre looked at how the power of HR analytics will change HR and explored whether this is an opportunity or a threat.

What is Big Data?

Big data is one of those terms that have recently come to the fore and is already in danger of becoming a cliché.  Put simply it is the fact that the amount of data is doubling every year and the IT tools that are available means it is possible to analyse this data in real time to drive insights that when acted on can enhance business performance. Data analytics provides HR with the opportunity to create game changing insights from data within the function, from other functions (marketing, sales, risk, finance etc) and/or from other organisations. 

Nick Holley
Presenter Details: 

Nick brings a unique background that combines experience as an army officer, ten years as a successful futures and foreign exchange broker with Merrill Lynch and sixteen years in senior organisational, leadership and people development roles in large global organisations. In his last two roles Nick was partner in charge of learning for Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa for Arthur Andersen and director of global people development for Vodafone.  His work on leadership development at Vodafone was externally benchmarked amongst the top five in Europe.  This background means he understands the theory but combines this with a proven ability to deliver and sustain change in highly complex organisations.

Nick has written research in the areas of employee engagement, HR careers, HR in the recession and recovery, HR leadership, HR organisational models including business partnering, talent management and zero based HR. He also provides one to one coaching for a number of senior line and HR leaders up to CEO/Chairman level. Nick was recently voted the 5th most influential thinker in HR in the previous five years.

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