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Online Purchase of Luxury Products in the UAE

9 Jul 2013 - 16:30 to 17:00
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Luxury is an identity, a philosophy and a culture. Offline and online purchase of luxury products exhibit differences, which require an understanding of intricacies in the adoption processes employed by the customers. Factors such as culture, personal characteristics, website quality, and vendor characteristics influence the online purchasing behaviour of consumers, thus making it a complex area of study. UAE which ranks as one of the important countries exhibiting high offline luxury consumption has been taken for the study, owing to a dearth of studies on the online luxury consumption of this country. This paper explores the scope of e-retail for luxury consumption in the UAE by identifying what motivates online purchase behaviour of luxury goods of UAE consumers. Necessary hypotheses have been drawn to reflect and study the said purchase behaviour.

Key words: e-Retail, Luxury brands, UAE. Consumer.

Authors:  Dr Prakash Vel, UOWD & Jocelyn Rodrigues, London Metropolitan University

Dr. Prakash Vel
JWL Auditorium, Ground Floor, Block 15, UOWD, Knowledge Village, Dubai
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Research Committee