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Research Seminar by Dr Asima Shirazi

22 Oct 2013 - 16:30 to 17:00
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The aim of this exploratory study is to investigate the factors that facilitate or restrict the mobility of women in poor urban communities of Karachi.  Freedom of mobility is the fundamental right of every individual and a lack of corporeal mobility will impact the capabilities and functioning’s of women.  Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum’s Capability Approach provides the framework for this analysis. Data about women’s own characteristics, household characteristics and external factors such as the community they belong to and the locality they reside in was gathered.  A questionnaire based survey of approximately one hundred and fifty women and in-depth interviews with fifteen women were conducted.  

A freedom of mobility index was constructed and econometric analysis applied to understand the factors that influence women’s mobility.  The results of the analysis were used for policy recommendations.

Dr Asima Shirazi
JWL Auditorium, Ground Floor, Block 15, UOWD, Knowledge Village, Dubai
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Research Committee