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Blood Donation Drive

11 Nov 2015 - 09:00 to 14:00
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The demand for blood is constantly rising. Blood is needed in all corners of the world. Products extracted from blood have a whole range of uses from the treatment of burns to the prevention of infection. Blood transfusion is the most important aspect of clinical treatment of thalassemia, and availability of safe blood is essential for safe and effective transfusion therapy.

Advantages of Blood Donation:

  • Activation of Bone Marrow to produce fresh Blood Cells.
  • Activation of heart muscle and circulation resulting in reducing of the incidence of heart attacks.
  • Reducing of blood pressure and level of blood cholesterol.
  • Reducing of haemoglobin level of the blood in cases of heavy smoking.
Multipurpose Hall, Block 5
Organised by: 
SSD - Health Services