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Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop (STAR Leadership Program)

29 Apr 2017 - 09:30 to 12:00
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Many questions surrounding Entrepreneurial Mindset will be answered in this workshop such as:

1.       What does it take to Be a Business Owner?

2.       Are only a few endowed with the 'skill set' required to succeed in business?

3.       Is there something more than skill and capital required to build and grow a successful business?

4.       What is a 'Successful' Business?

5.       Where do I acquire the attitudes to achieve Business Success?

Learning will include:

·         The difference between Employee and Business thinking

·         Wealth creation principles

·         What is your Life Purpose and are you meant for Business?

·         The two abilities: Stick-ability & Dependability

·         The difference between 'Self Employed' and 'Business Owner'

·         The cash flow nuance

·         Market reality vs Your reality!

·         Archetypes for inspiration

·         Profit, Revenue & Costs

·         Philosophy & values

·         Flexibility & resilience to change


To register, email:

*This is a compulsory workshop for STAR members

Mr Arjun Aiyar
Block 14, Room G-07
Organised by: 
Student Services Department
Event is open to: 
All currently enrolled UOWD students