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STAR Workshop - Career Development Workshop (Leading with Style)

25 Apr 2015 - 09:30
Event Details: 


“Leading with Style”

Each leader leads with their own style, however, most of them do not even know what their style is. Using the concept of personality type, this workshop will help leaders identify their own style, understand the strength and weaknesses of their style, and hence be able to make improvement accordingly.

Workshop outline:

  1. Introduction: Personality Type
  2. Assessing your own style
  3. Your style in communication
  4. Your style in decision making
  5. Your style in managing conflict
  6. Conclusion 

*Awarding of certificates & lunch after the workshop.

Mr. Spencer
Workshop Room 32, Block 5
Organised by: 
Student Services Department
Event is open to: 
STAR members & currently enrolled students