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UOWD’s Got Talent

30 Apr 2015 - 13:30 to 17:30
Event Details: 

UOWD students will showcase their talent through various performances, including singing, dancing, acting & other showpieces (musical instruments, battle of Djs &  more).

We will also use this event as an opportunity to raise funds or accept any other contributions to support the people of Nepal who are affected by the huge Earthquake.

Our student Charity Club will be organizing a charity bake sale while SSD will accept contributions in the form of items mentioned below.

Blankets, Tents, First Aid items/kits.

Food items: (please avoid food items which contain beef)

Dry Fruits

Non-perishable food items (e.g. coffee, tea, long lasting milk)

Rice/food grains

Instant noodles



Drop off points for the above items – Block 5, SSD or you can give it on 30th April during the event.

The items will be shipped to Nepal on Saturday, 2nd May.


To find out more about the event,  send an email to, visit the SRC office – 018 Block 05 or visit the Facebook page:

To register please fill in the form:

Area between Block 14 and Block 15
Organised by: 
Student Services Department
Event is open to: 
All currently enrolled students, alumni and staff