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UOWD Undergraduate Student Guide 2017-18


To apply for a place in student Residences, you will need to complete the Residence Application. The completed form must be returned to UOWD along with the applicable Booking deposit or Residence fees, paid in full. Proof of payment of tuition fees must accompany all Residence applications. The deadline is one month prior to the start of the semester.

Please note that due to a limited number of spaces, submission of the Residence Application does not guarantee a booking in the Residences..

Rules and Regulations

To help the University maintain a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all students and to ensure peace of mind for parents, the Residences are governed by a strict code of conduct. These rules and regulations clearly indicate the expectations and obligations of students who choose to live in the Residences.

Every student is required to sign a copy of the rules when they first move into the Residences. A system of verbal and written warnings is applied for infractions of the rules and repeated infractions may result in the student being expelled from the Residences.

For more information download the Procedures and Rules Governing Conduct in the Student Residences.