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Photography exhibition showcases students’ creative camerawork

Monday, 20 May, 2013

The University of Wollongong in Dubai  Photography Club showcased the creative talents of student snappers through its annual photography exhibition.

The event, organised in association with the Public Speaking Club, the Pakistan Students’ Association and the UOWD Student Services Department, challenged students to produce emotive images in four different categories: ‘Down Memory Lane’, ‘Glamor Shoot’, ‘Cultural Events’ and ‘Club Events’. Alongside their photographs, students submitted captions describing the essence and inspiration of their images.

In attendance at the exhibition, University President, Professor Trevor Spedding praised students for their creative interpretations of the competition themes. Following a tour of the photos and captions on display, Professor Spedding was tasked with the difficult decision of selecting the winning entry from the category ‘Down Memory Lane’. The category was intended to illustrate students’ most memorable moment of their university experience.

Selecting the top three of Rukshi Dominic, Nishtha Rengarajan and Namrah Tariq, Professor Spedding finally decided on Namrah as the overall winner. The caption for Namrah’s entry read, “Some people's presence in life just makes you realise how lucky you are to have met someone as adorable as them! Thank you UOWD for making me meet JIYA!”

Taking second place was Nishtha’s entry, with the caption, “Yes! We can still click photos even after getting lost for one and half hours at JBR” and in third place was Rukshi’s entry, with the caption, “One step forward, two steps back ... With a friend by your side, you've taken just 1 step back.” 

The exhibition was also an opportunity for students to take part in photography-related games and activities, including a ‘guess the picture’ competition, where participants were challenged to identify the time and event associated with pictures from the university archives.

The overall response to the event was overwhelming and plans are already being developed for next year’s exhibition. Vice President of the Photography Club, Sifat Shafiullah, said, “I believe providing the students with a practical experience has encouraged them to learn more and test their own creativity throughout the year, and this exhibition, showcasing all the event pictures, brought back a lot of good memories for all the students.”