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Developing competency frameworks - it's easier than you think

Monday, 16 February, 2015

UOWD's Human Resources students learn that competencies are key from global expert Robert Mosley

UOWD welcomed Robert Mosley, Global Remuneration Expert and former Senior Vice President of HR at Emirates Group, to their Knowledge Village Campus recently for a quick-fire talk on developing a competencies framework.

Of particular interest to UOWD’s Master of Strategic Human Resource Management students and Bachelor of Commerce: Human Resource Management scholars, the talk was hosted in conjunction with The Human Resource Forum (THRF) and saw over sixty delegates from Dubai’s burgeoning HR community join together to learn more about how businesses can implement companywide frameworks which pin-point which behaviours are most important to a job and reflect company values.  

Using best-practice industry examples from Orange, The British Council and a UAE based airline, Robert explained the differences between competencies and competences and explored the process that many organisations adopt to cement their competency framework, use it in job descriptions and establish it as a factor in performance management.

 “When it comes to performance management, it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it” Robert explained. “Employees need a performance framework that not only explores if they met their goals – it also measures if they behave in a certain way whilst meeting their goals – e.g.  showing sound teamwork skills, being flexible, and managing pressure successfully. You can’t create a performance culture overnight, but if you can sew objective setting, competences and development planning into your organisation, you’ll go far.”

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