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ELS - Foreign Captial Flows: Trends and Issues Lecture

Monday, 6 March, 2006

Foreign Captial Flows: Trends and Issues Lecture by Prof. L.M.Bhole

The objective of the lecture is to examine the role, growth and problems of foreign capital flows and answer the questions as follows
What are the forms / types of foreign capital takes?
What are the determinants of demand for and supply of foreign capital?
What has been the volume, size of foreign capital in different years?
What are the major problems / issues involved in the use of foreign capital? L. M. Bhole obtained his PhD in 1971 from the Department of Economics. Professor Bhole has published 7 books and more than 125 articles in the fields of money, banking, interest rates, finance, and Gandhian Thought. His book, Financial Institutions and Markets has run to four editions to date, and has been very widely used by students, teachers, and researchers. His other book, Essays on Gandhian Socio-Economic Thought explores an alternative socio-economic-political paradigm. He has completed sponsored research projects for the Indian Council of Social Science Research, Tata Economic Consultancy Services, the Committee to Review the Working of Monetary System in India, and the Reserve Bank of India. Professor Bhole is currently engaged in research on the theme, Beyond The State And Market: A Search For Alternative Paradigm. He has successfully guided the research work for about 19 Ph.D., 10 M.Phil, 7 M.Tech, and 4 B.Tech dissertations. Professor Bholes current areas of teaching and research interests are Gandhian Thought, Financial Institutions and Markets, Corporate Finance, and Money and Banking.

Professor Bhole has been an Associate at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla; a UGC Visiting Fellow at different Universities; a Guest Faculty at various Universities and Institutions; a Referee for M.Phil and Ph.D. dissertations, sponsored research Projects, and journals; a member of Board of Editors, and Boards of studies. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Interconnected Stock Exchange of India, Mumbai. He has served on faculty Selection Committees of various Universities also.

When: Tuesday 7th March from 6:00pm 7:30pm

Where: Room 1-17, Block 15