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ELS - Working to Build Trust Across Cultures Lecture

Sunday, 5 March, 2006

In establishing itself as one of the worlds leading commercial hubs, Dubai continues to offer a large number of opportunities for professionals to work across geographic regions and with a number of different cultures. One of the major tasks faced by these professionals is to build trust between their trading partners and their organisation. When working between high and low-context cultures, professionals must be active in facilitating communication between trading partners and their organisation in order to build trust between these parties. Without this facilitation, the misunderstandings will negatively influence the level of trust between trading partners.

With cultural and capacity differences across countries, application of cross-cultural communication practice has been essential to Australian Education Internationals interests. "Working to Build Trust Across Cultures looks into the practical application of cross-cultural communications in developing relationships between Australia and Arab Countries in the field of education. It also highlights challenges associated with facilitating communication and negotiation where cultural orientations differ and how these challenges need to be overcome.

Jarrod Hingston is the Regional Manager for Australian Education International (AEI) Middle East which is the international network of the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) majoring in Arabic Language and cross-cultural communications from Deakin University in Melbourne,Australia. As the Regional Manager of AEI Middle East, Jarrod Hingston is responsible for developing Australias education relations with governments and institutions across the Middle East and for advising the Department of Education,Science and Training and Australian institutions on issues concerning the region. Prior to moving to the UAE, Jarrod Hingston studied Arabic in Damascus and has since travelled extensively through the Arab World. He is currently undertaking a Master of Arts focussing on the influence of cultural orientations on negotiations.

When: Sunday 5th March from 6:00pm 7:30pm
Where: Room 0-24, Block 5