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Industry expert explains the impact of mental toughness on company performance

Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) in collaboration with The Human Resources Forum (THRF) recently hosted yet another successful seminar at the University’s campus. The guest speaker at the event, Ms Maya Mattar, a highly motivated People Development professional, presented a talk on “How to Develop Positive and Resilient Organisations".

Ms Mattar provided the audience with insight from a Human Resources perspective on the significant impact mental toughness has on a company’s performance and staff retainment. The topic is rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects of people and organisation development. Ms Mattar said: “Mentally tough individuals perform 25% better than others, have a more engaged and positive behaviour and can handle stressful situations more effectively”.

Genuine leadership leads to better performance, much better morale, well-being and positive behaviour. Mental toughness consists of four components: control, commitment, challenge and confidence (4Cs) and these are the key ingredients to achieve success in life. “Mental toughness is a measure of your confidence and resilience. It is an aspect of our personality which determines how we deal with stress and pressure and how we can see change as a source of opportunity to grow and to develop”, Ms Mattar commented.

An individual’s level of mental toughness can be measured through psychometric testing. The great thing about mental toughness is that nobody is really born with it. It is about constantly applying the 4 Cs in everyday life and trying to improve on it. The popular MTQ48 psychometric test offered by AQR International is a highly effective and its user-friendly set of reports is designed for optimum impact in a wide range of scenarios.

Maya Mattar has over 14 year’s international experience in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Maya has excellent change management capabilities, as well as first class people management skills. She has purposefully developed an interest, both academically and professionally, in psychology to enhance her work in this area. As a result she has developed significant expertise in assessment, development and coaching activity. 

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