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Intuiting the future to boost success and build more successful teams

Wednesday, 14 December, 2016

Phillip Merry, CEO and Founder of Singapore’s PMCG Pte was the guest speaker at the recent Human Resources Forum (THRF) held at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD). Human resources professionals from the region and UOWD staff and students attended the talk on “Leading with the Heart, Intuition & Synchronicity: Global Leadership in Volatile Times”.

During his talk, Mr Merry explained that the pace of change in 21st century organisations is faster than it has ever been. Therefore one can not only rely solely on the traditional skills of careful analysis and planning to achieve results, but organisations need to include the human side as a driver of business success.

Mr Merry, a leading cross-cultural leadership and team facilitator, recommended that we should listen to our heart and follow our intuition when making decisions. According to him, the latest research shows that the heart is a powerful tool to drive clearer and more effective decision making by ensuring that our intuition partners with our logic and our heart partners with our head.

Since intuition subconsciously plays a vital part in the decision making process, Mr Merry provided the participants with real life experiences and practical exercises to learn how to use your heart and head for decision making and stress reduction. He explained, “According to thinkers across various disciplines, the skill of intuiting the future and connecting with our own internal sense-making mechanisms can provide answers to some of our most puzzling business problems”.

Human resources professionals, for example, could use this approach for a holistic focus, intuitive recruitment, to help employees not only to listen but to hear and to encourage them to take actions.

Commenting on the lecture, Glen Lester, a business student at UOWD said: “It was an unusual talk but I realised it's another way of relating to unknown situations, giving ideas to address issues in different ways and improve our chances of success”.

Mr Merry is currently completing his PhD and he will soon share his 2016 research findings on how you can take advantage of ‘Synchronicity and Heart’ CLASSIC skills (Courage, Love, Authenticity, Spirit, Synchronicity, Intuition and Commitment) to boost success from the inside-out, build more successful teams and organisations and live a more satisfying and successful life.

With 36 years leadership experience in leadership training, consulting and facilitation experience in 58 countries, Mr Merry specialises in helping leaders and multi-cultural teams develop a ‘positive possibility’ attitude. Some of his clients include Merrill Lynch, Nokia, Pepsi Cola, Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Shell to name a few.

THRF regularly hosts lectures on HR related issues in conjunction with UOWD. For more information about THRF contact