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Pool and Table Tennis Challenge

Sunday, 12 July, 2009

The month long pool and table tennis ladder type challenge competition concluded on 8 July 2009.
These challenges has become an annual event in the summer semester, this is the third year in a row UOWD Student Services has been organizing the event.

This year the competition was held in three categories table tennis (women), table tennis (men) & pool (men). A total of 475 challenges were made during the month.

Table tennis(women) was won by Rekha Makhijia with a star as she maintained her top ranked position for more than 15 consecutive days. Abigail D'Souza came in second and Saachi Meherish third. Rekha says, 'it was an exciting tournament with a good competitive spirit'.

In the men's table tennis category it was a close fight between M. Shaher and Roohollah throughout the month and in the end M. Shaher proved to be the best by winning the tilte. Roohollah had to be content with the second spot and Nawaz came in third. Shaher commented, 'it was a good event, we were kept busy and excited during the summer semester.'

Pool (men's) tournament was unpredicatble from the start with all partipants being equally competent. Anas Shattara claimed the fisrt place, while Amit Vasvani came in second and Roohollah third.
Bridget Clifford, Manager Student Services gave away the prizes to the winners and runners up in each category.