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Poster Presentation at UOWD

Monday, 7 June, 2010

Students enrolled in Business Communication in the Spring 2010 session presented a poster exhibition as part of their assessment. Students were asked to choose topics relevant to Business Communication and present it in point form with ample graphics on one-sheet posters.

The posters covered a wide array of topics from the advantages of using humour in the classroom to the Chinese origin and current status of the neck-tie. In each tutorial around 5 students presented the posters simultaneously. Their peers were instructed to view the posters and discuss the content. In the final lecture the best posters from each tutorial were presented to the whole class.

The exhibition was open to staff and students of UOWD. Academic and administrative staff who viewed the exhibition was given the opportunity to select their favourite posters and award best poster certificates. Students commented that they thoroughly enjoyed the assignment as it was novel and interesting.

Dr Swapna Koshy, the lecturer for the subject pointed out that shy students benefitted much from the format as they did not have to address the whole class. The one on one format gave them the confidence to speak and also increased the speaking time. Students could not rote learn the material to be presented and their responses to queries by the viewers showed an in-depth understanding of the topics.