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Students bring Spring Art Show to UOWD

Thursday, 31 March, 2016

As Dubai came alive with the sights of ART Dubai, the region’s leading contemporary art fair, students from UOWD’s Arts Club brought a slice of the action to the University recently by hosting their own Spring Art Show.

Inviting entries across two categories – Art and Photography, participants were asked to submit original creations that would wow judges Dr Swapna Koshy and postgraduate Media and Communications students Ms Maya Dileep Kumar and Mr Ayinash Antony.

Ms Rabbia and Ms Sandunie Wijeskara impressed with their drawing, painting, art and craft skills winning first place and runner up respectively, whilst Mr Nameer Mohammed Esa and Mr Mohamed Sahil’s photography on the theme of ‘Diversity’ captured the multi-cultural nature of Dubai in a series of captivating frames.

Commenting on the Show, Dr Swapna Koshy remarked: “The students displayed great creativity and promise. Ms Resham Sharma (President), Ms Sagha Radi (Vice President) and Ms Priyanka Hamnani (Executive Member) of the Arts and Photography Clubs must be congratulated for their organisational skills and for giving students a venue to display their talent.”