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Turning corporate training into a ROI – An HR perspective

Friday, 21 October, 2016

The Human Resources Forum (THRF) recently hosted a seminar on “Transforming Teams without Training”, at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD).

Organised jointly by The Human Resources Forum (THRF) and UOWD, Ms Mubeena Mohammed, CEO of Scholar Consultants and author of The SpeedCHANGE® was invited as guest speaker and presented the attendees with information about the nature of transformation and change and why the business world needs a better methodology for developing talent.

Training forms an integral part of the human resources budget however, according to a study done by Ms Mohammed, the majority of HR managers she interviewed locally, confirmed that corporate training is seen as a fun exercise with no lasting impact and that they only offer training because the budget allows it. Training is considered to be part of the fixed HR spend and should favour not only the organisation as a return on investment but the individual as well by contributing to their personal development.

Ms Mohammed said that in order for corporate training to be successful, companies as well as its employees need to understand the importance of change. “Change can’t be seen, only the effects of change can be seen”, she commented. The effects of change include change in corporate and individual behaviour and the implementation and use of new processes etc. “One major effect of change is being able to let go of the old ways and accepting the new ways”, Ms Mohammed added.

Ms Mohammed has facilitated Organisational Change and HR Strategy advisory to local and global MNC organisations since 2003. Her work spans employee engagement, assessment centres, workplace culture and business intelligence with data analytics.

She is currently validating her new change management process in the Middle East, called SPEEDChange® which is a revolutionary methodology that transforms teams without the use of training or external speakers, experts or commercial models. The process uses a team’s collective intelligence to create performance breakthroughs.

She introduced the concept to the audience which prompted an interactive conversation amongst the attendees, discussing the features of this unique concept.

THRF in conjunction with UOWD regularly hosts lectures on HR related issues. For more information about THRF contact