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University Discovery Day at UOWD

Monday, 18 April, 2011

UOWD hosted a University Discovery Day for fifty-five high school students and five staff members from Millennium School, Dubai.

Professor Rob Whelan, President UOWD addressed the visiting students and spoke about how the demands of university education differ from high school education. He also highlighted the importance of choosing a university and the factors to consider while doing it.

Sandra lee, Registrar, UOWD who made a presentation to the group said, presenting to students is always a rewarding activity as it is an opportunity to talk a little about our history, the diverse group of staff and students at UOWD, study options, our scholarship program and transferring to our Australian campus where students can have an international experience.

The students were given a university tour by UOWD volunteer students who took the group to the library and student services facilities.

Cornelio Gomes, Career Advisor, UOWD said, the boys were impressed with the equipment in the games room. One of them even volunteered to play the drums. The girls liked the dedicated ladies lounge.

Shyama Dore, Career Counsellor, Millennium School said, thank for putting together such an instructive morning for us. Our students came back with a much better understanding of UOWD.