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UOWD hosts National Public Speaking Contest

Saturday, 18 February, 2006

University students from around the UAE competed in the Wollongong Cup Public Speaking Competition on 16th February at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD). Over 80 students from 10 universities participated across six speaking categories.

Nisin Mathew from UOWD was named the top public speaker, winning the Firstnet Public Address category. The American University in Dubai was named the overall winner, followed by runner ups UOWD and BITS-Pilani.

Tournament director, Melissa Bos stated "The public speaking ability of the student competitors was phenomenal and a true testament to higher education in the UAE. Public speaking skills are truly a necessity in todays business world."
LIST OF WINNERSPublic Address 1st place - Nisin Mathew, UOWD
2nd place - Guatam Goenka, AUDImpromptu Speaking1st place - Fajer Bouraki, AUD2nd place - Usman Yousuf Musa, AUSExtemporaneous Speaking1st place - Ramakrishnan Shankararaman, BITS-Pilani2nd place - Shrey Sanger, BITS-PilaniRadio Newsreader1st place - Priscilla D'Souza, Preston University2nd place - Nisin Mathew, UOWDTraditional Storytelling1st place - Jovita Castelino, MAHE2nd place - Neetha Saju Paul, MAHEOriginal Storytelling1st place - Sonia Manek, UOWD2nd place - Ahmad Al Falasi, AUDOverall Winner of the Wollongong Cup1st place - AUD2nd place -UOWD3rd place - BITS-Pilani