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UOWD HR students benefit from forum on creating an Effective Balanced Scorecard

Sunday, 22 March, 2015

Swiftly becoming a regular feature of the UOWD calendar, Human Resource Management students from across the University recently benefited from another enlightening Human Resources Forum session hosted at UOWD. Entitled ‘Effective Balanced Scorecard and the Modern HR Challenges’, guest speaker David Jalili delivered a highly informative lecture to a busy auditorium of staff, students and HR professionals.

Jalili gave a basic premise of what the Balanced Scorecard (BCS) is, explaining it as an “integrated strategic planning and performance system” which help an organisation’s strategies to be executed into actions, while employing an agenda that is tactical and efficient. “In an ideal scenario, what we’re trying to achieve is a one page document which outlines a company’s entire strategy, and how they’re planning on getting there,” commented Jalili. “A balanced scorecard is a total holistic framework, and implementing it is a journey.”

In regards to human resources, Jalili explained that HR involvement with the BCS can help develop objectives that are reflective of the organisation’s operative functions. An outstanding BCS should have related measures and initiatives that demonstrate how HR can achieve its contributions to the organisation’s main goals.

Students and staff are invited to attend The Human Resource Forum’s next event, ‘How to effectively prepare for a negotiation in 20 minutes’, taking place at the University of Middlesex on Tuesday 24 March at 6:45pm. Interested students should register with Dr Alison Thirlwall by emailing