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UOWD intra university pool and table tennis challenges

Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

It all got decided on the last two days as both tournament winners moved up in the top ranking on the last day thus upsetting Yash Makar in Pool and M. Shaher in Table Tennis who were both holding the top rankings respectively for major part of the tournament.

The challenges got started on 8th June and ended on 8th July, In Pool, Yash was leading the table most of the time barring a few days in between where Roven Fernandes got the top ranking. However Yash challenged Roven again and regained his position, but Saeid Azar who was lurking in the Second position throughout the month waited for the right opportunity on the second last day to challenge Yash and won to move up the ladder and stayed at that position by winning any challenges that came against him. Saeid received a gift voucher of AED 200 and Knight shot sponsored cue stick worth 300 dollars. Deepak Priyani who came second received gift voucher of AED 150 and Anoop Kumar who came third received gift voucher worth AED 100. Both of them also received a cue stick each sponsored by Knight shot.

Winner Saeid said "this tournament added fun in the summer semester"

In Table Tennis, it again was M. Shaher was leading the table since the second week till the last day before Saad challenged him. Saad Malik who was mostly in the top three rankings during the month challenged Shaher on the last day and won the match to move up to first position and thereafter Saad had to win another three challenges to maintain his position. Saad received AED 200 gift voucher, the first runner up Ali Wasif received AED 150 voucher and the second runner up received Julian Serrao received AED 100 gift voucher.

Saad added that tournaments like these helps in finding new talent and also were a good form of entertainment during the summer semester.

In the girls one day Table Tennis Challenge, Feride Shimshilova was given a tough fight by her opponents Rekha, Neha and in the finals Khusboo. However Feride stood up all the challenges to win the tournament against Khusboo Pagarani by 3-1 margin in the finals. Feride received a gift voucher of AED 200 and Khusboo AED 100.

All the three tournaments were of great fun to the students, in all there were 146 challenges made in Pool and 105 challenges in Table Tennis, while in the girls Table Tennis challenge there were 12 participants

Following are the final standings in both the categories:
UOWD Table Tennis ChallengeUOWD Pool ChallengeRankNameRankName1Saad1Saeid2Ali2Deepak P.3Julian3Anoop4Rohallah4Yogesh5Hesam5Atif6Shaher6Yash7Nawaz7Anil8Yash8Roven9Rahul R. 9Taher10Deepak P. 10Julian11Nakul11Priteish12Niloy12Asad13Akkad13Tafsir14Bilal14Rahul R.15Taher15Salman16