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UOWD Students visit OPPS Print

Sunday, 17 October, 2010

40 students from UOWD visited OPPS Print, one of the oldest printing houses in the UAE, on a field trip as part of their Computer Application course.

Every semester we try to bring in a bit of the industry to the classroom to give students a flavour of concepts and reality. In the past, we have taken students to visit Express Newspaper, DNATA, Dubai TV and RTA, said Ms. Zeenath Khan, lecturer for the subject. This has helped students experience the work place environment and allows them to witness some of what they study in the classroom put into action.

Mr. Mark Sayntos John, managing partner and business development manager at OPPS welcomed the students and the three faculty members, Ms. Khan, Ms. Tina Mark and Mr. Jaspreet Singh. He began the tour with a session on the printing industry, introducing the different kinds of machines that were used in the past, including woodcuts to lithographs (which are obsolete now), to the CTF (Computer to Film) phase of printing and followed it with a presentation by Mr. Joseph Antony, the sales executive at OPPS, who talked about the rapid adaptation of the industry to CTP (Computer to Plate), the impact of CTP on the speed and quality of printing and the possible evolution to a pure digital printing with no chemical or developing needs. The presentation ended with an intriguing demonstration on the evolution of the printing industry.

The presentations were very informative and interesting as they showed us how printing has progressed, and how OPPS has advanced with its innovative and creative applications to meet market demands and stay an edge above its competitors said one of the participating students.

At the end of the presentations, the students were conducted on a guided tour of the many large machines that were busy at various stages of printing, and they also enjoyed a sneak-peak of the operations behind the scenes. The students were well prepared, said Mr. John. We were amazed at their level of curiosity and eagerness to learn about the technology. We enjoyed having them visit us.

The field trip was a great success for our students as they came away with valuable information that we believe will help them with their course work, said Mr. Singh. Many students were impressed by the kind of work and dedication it takes to run a printing press and the rapid changes in technology in the print industry. This field trip may very well aid in shaping their career aspirations, added Ms. Mark.