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UOWDs Dual Power come in second in a Business Presentation Contest

Thursday, 24 March, 2011

UOWD undergraduates Papia Hasanat Siddique and Huma Shahid won the second place in the Eclectique competition held by IMT Dubai.

The Eclectique competition was a business presentation contest in which students were required to prepare a 10 minute presentation on the topic "Impact of the MENA Regions Current Political Instability on the UAE Business Environment. Participants were expected to provide solutions to boost UAE businesses amid the current political situation. Their strong research skills helped our students to present solutions for 10 industries. Their presentation also included a detailed analysis of investors decision making processes.

Eight teams were shortlisted and after the final presentation UOWD emerged second, losing by a narrow margin to the hosts. The pair who called themselves Dual Power won a crystal trophy, certificates and gift hampers from the sponsors of the event.

Papia and Huma talk about their experience: After selection at the university audition, we decided to enter the annual inter university competition. We competed in two categories Eclectique and Impossible Marketing Challenge.

We were required to name our team, and considering the positive results of working with each other in the past, we named ourselves "Dual Power".

The Impossible Marketing Challenge required us to market a product that was impossible to sell. The task given to us was to sell "Bottled water to a fish or a mermaid" in 10 minutes. We based our product on the fact that mermaids would need pure water to unleash their magical powers which in turn helped them in communication, beautification, sensing danger, and producing light. We prepared a marketing plan to sell designed bottled water that would enable them to efficiently use pure water, and created four such product ranges. Our promotion plan included posters, product replicas and a video advertisement.

The Ecleqtique competition was a business presentation contest in which we were required to prepare a 10 minute presentation on the given topic "Impact of MENA Region`s Current Political Instability on UAE Business Environment. We had to provide solutions and recommend ideas to exploit opportunities for UAE businesses amid the current situation, focusing our strategies on one industry. The presentation tested our presenting skills as well as our business perspective. This proved a challenge for us because after an intensive research we ended up with ideas for over 10 industries! An intense editing session later we prepared a power point presentation recommending solutions to 10 industries, including analyses of investor's decision making process. Our presentation was shortlisted to go into the final round, and we were called to present at the IMT campus.

Nervous in the beginning we soon adjusted to the new environment. The biggest challenge we faced was watching other competitors before our own presentation. However, we were thrilled to be informed that we won second place, having scored small difference from the first place winners. The judges appreciated our enthusiasm, creativity, and extensive research mostly.

The experience of presenting in a completely new environment amongst strangers taught us a lot about being confident. Another crucial fact behind our success was our immense support, understanding and belief in each other.