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The Virgin Galactic Seminar at UOWD

Thursday, 13 March, 2008

The UOWD Marketing Club held its first ever event- the Virgin Galactic seminar. The seminar, conducted by Sharon Garrett, Head of Marketing Space and PR at Virgin Galactic, was attended by more than 60 students, a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The seminar was enthralling as Ms Garrett guided the students into the outer space in the most exciting and informative manner. She also entertained the audience through an interactive question-answer session. Students were given an opportunity to witness space through Sir Richard Bransons eyes as Ms. Garrett displayed a video showing him training for space, in the first ever footage shown in the UAE.

At the end of the amazing seminar, Dr. Cedwyn, Chair of Graduate Studies, on behalf of the club presented Ms Garrett a small trophy as a token of appreciation and a certificate for her contribution to the advancement of marketing knowledge in the student community.

The club has many exciting competitions and events coming up such as the Slogan Competition and the Radio Commercial sponsored by Arabian Media Group (AMG). The prizes for the competition are worth AED 10,000 which includes watches and wallets. This competition is going to take place in the month of April. AMG is also conducting a workshop in the month of March during which they would teach students on how to make Radio Commercials.

Article by Roshna Ramachandran