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21 Dec 2011 UOWD Special Christmas event for special children
15 Dec 2011 UOWD academic acts as panel moderator at the CMO Congress
14 Dec 2011 The Business of Film-making - Veteran Bollywood film-maker Subhash Ghai speaks at the University of Wollongong in Dubai
7 Dec 2011 UOWD awards AED 9.3 million in academic and sports excellence scholarships
30 Nov 2011 Tamakkan Entrepreneurship seminar: How to start a business and find investors
28 Nov 2011 UOWD academics entry wins at conference in Canada
28 Nov 2011 15 UAE schools take part in UOWD annual Public Speaking Competition
21 Nov 2011 UOWD 6th Annual Multicultural Festival
20 Nov 2011 UOWD to offer IELTS Testing at ECT in Abu Dhabi
9 Nov 2011 Rockstar' Ranbir Kapoor rocks UOWD
31 Oct 2011 UOWD Robotic Competition 2012 to target more UAE schools
24 Oct 2011 Annual UniCare Health Week
23 Oct 2011 Wollongong Ball 2011 - An evening of fun and glamour
18 Oct 2011 UOWD Academic at Branded Spaces in Germany
17 Oct 2011 UOWD launches Bachelor of Engineering Degree program
17 Oct 2011 UOWDs 42% year-on-year increase in enrolments reflects upswing in regions economic recovery
13 Oct 2011 University of Wollongong in Dubai announces new President
5 Oct 2011 UOWD honours 310 graduates from 33 nationalities at Autumn Graduation Ceremony
29 Sep 2011 UOWD IELTS Centre among top five in IDP Audit
21 Sep 2011 University of Wollongong in Dubai launches pioneering Virtualisation project with Dell
18 Sep 2011 UOWD launches 'Middle East Media Educator'
7 Sep 2011 David William Rome joins UOWD as interim President
21 Aug 2011 UOWD unveils Professor Rob Whelan Majlis as farewell gesture
18 Aug 2011 UOWD and BUiD Cement Cooperative Relationship
10 Aug 2011 Changing of the Guard at UOWD
26 Jul 2011 Master of International Studies Accredited at UOWD
27 Jun 2011 Doctoral Students Workshop
16 Jun 2011 UOWD teams win the top spots in CIMA Global Business Challenge
13 Jun 2011 UOWD team wins at the Split Second contest
2 Jun 2011 UOWD Meet the Supervisors event for doctoral students
30 May 2011 UOWD hosts Tamakkan Entrepreneurship Seminar
30 May 2011 UOWD staff receive the ITC Staff Excellence Awards
25 May 2011 UOWD & DQG sign MoU to meet UAE professional development needs
23 May 2011 UOWD wins at the IEEE Software Project Competition
18 May 2011 Over 200 school girls participate in Microsoft DigiGirlz Day at UOWD
12 May 2011 Internet radio streamer app wins top prize at annual UOWD Software Development Show
9 May 2011 UOWD Alumni Reunion 2011
5 May 2011 Sheikha Lubna launches UOWD book on business cases of UAE
2 May 2011 UOWD and ZTE sign MoU to develop customised academic programs for Chinese students
28 Apr 2011 UOWD student wins entry to Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals in New York in July
26 Apr 2011 Students from Tilburg University, the Netherlands visit UOWD
25 Apr 2011 Annual Students Leadership Award Ceremony
21 Apr 2011 Australian Shadow Treasurer urges UOWD students to lead their communities
20 Apr 2011 Simply - the Breast- A guest lecture at UOWD
18 Apr 2011 University Discovery Day at UOWD
17 Apr 2011 UOWD hosts Bangla Bazar
17 Apr 2011 79 teams participate in 2nd Annual Robotic Competition at UOWD
12 Apr 2011 First intra - university public speaking competition at UOWD
10 Apr 2011 Industry Expert speaks at UOWD
10 Apr 2011 22 schools compete at the UOWD Annual Mathalon
6 Apr 2011 Pakistan Day at UOWD
6 Apr 2011 UOWD case study on Marketing of a Destination using Sports
4 Apr 2011 UOWD represents Australia at Small World
31 Mar 2011 UOWD crosses new milestone: 5,000 graduates in 18 years
28 Mar 2011 Cooking evening at UOWD ladies residence
24 Mar 2011 UOWDs Dual Power come in second in a Business Presentation Contest
24 Mar 2011 UOWD Ladies Games Day 2011
23 Mar 2011 UOWD sponsors Australian stall at the DIA International Evening
23 Mar 2011 Lucky student gets an iPad as the Campus Survey winner
21 Mar 2011 UOWD receives advice on proposed Masters degree in International Studies
17 Mar 2011 UAE companies step up recruitment drive at the UOWD Career Fair
6 Mar 2011 UOWD sees record enrolments in spring intake
2 Mar 2011 Dr. Laubie Li joins UOWD as Dean, Faculty of Business and Management
1 Mar 2011 Students learn about UOWD ITTS
20 Feb 2011 UOWD win at the Nigerian Business Council event
20 Feb 2011 CAA External Review Team assesses UOWD Communications degree
14 Feb 2011 UOWD wins 2nd place at the Global Investment Research Challenge
13 Feb 2011 University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is an Official IELTS Test Centre
10 Feb 2011 UOWD receives the RTA DAST award
8 Feb 2011 Doctoral students interact with experts to seek inputs for research topics
6 Feb 2011 Media experts advise UOWD on Communications degree
3 Feb 2011 Dr David R Goodwin joins UOWD as Dean, Faculty of Finance and Accounting
3 Feb 2011 UOWD students and staff donate blood
1 Feb 2011 UOWD awards AED 874,000 in scholarships for the Spring semester
30 Jan 2011 Celebrating Australia Day at UOWD
27 Jan 2011 UOWD to host the 2014 AWBMAMD International Conference
26 Jan 2011 UOWD staff help celebrate Australia Day
24 Jan 2011 UOWD volleyball team wins at Sympulse 2011
20 Jan 2011 UOWD - Emirates College of Technology Cooperation
16 Jan 2011 UOWD sports teams to participate in an international event
11 Jan 2011 Postgraduate information sessions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
3 Jan 2011 Developing marketing strategies for Audi