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Undergraduate Student Guide

UOWD Undergraduate Student Guide 2017-18

UOWD provides a supportive environment for students to establish and run common interest and activity groups, within the rules of the University. All students are eligible to join a club, association or society and can share in the duties necessary to run the group effectively.

The Student Services Department supports clubs, societies and associations by allocating funding for activities and equipment, providing venues for events and allowing access to resources such as photocopying, binding, laminating, colour printing and more. Students can join a club at any time of the year, although club membership drives are generally held during Orientation Week.

University life is about taking part and broadening your interests. By becoming involved in a club, society or association, you can develop transferable leadership and organisational skills and abilities; attributes that many employers look for when recruiting.

The existing clubs and societies operating at UOWD include:

  1. Amra Notun
  2. Anime Club
  3. Art Club
  4. Baking Society
  5. Business Society
  6. Carpe Diem Club
  7. Chinese Culture Club
  8. Christian Fellowship Club
  9. CIS Students Club
  10. Environmental Club
  11. E-Sports Club
  12. Fashions Club
  13. Fitspiration Club
  14. Humans of  UOWD
  15. ISC (Indian Student Club)
  16. Kazakhstan Society
  17. Ladies Club
  18. Literary Club
  19. M- Power Club
  20. Music Club
  21. Pakistan Students Association (PSA)
  22. Photography Club
  23. Speak Easy - Public Speaking & Debate Club
  24. Talents of UOWD
  25. Tear Jerkers (Drama club)
  26. Tech Club (Computers)
  27. The Lions Club (Sri-Lanka students)
  28. The Middle Eastern Club
  29. This is Africa
  30. Unilife 101
  31. UOWD Charity and Humanitarian Club
  32. UOWD Dancers Club
  33. UOWD MUN
  34. Welfare Club