2014 Competition Rules

Competition Categories

The Robotics Competition is open to the following levels:

  • High Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • Primary schools
  • Open Category

A team may only participate in one game. If a team participates in more than one game it is the sole responsibility of the team to follow the schedule of both games and be present on time.

Team Definition

  1. A team consists of one coach and up to three team members (students).
  2. Coaches may offer students advice and guidance prior to the competition, however during the actual competition, all work and preparation must be performed only by the student members of the team without any contact or communication with the coaches.

General Rules

  1. Teams are expected to prepare and bring all the necessary equipment, software and portable computers they need during the competition.
  2. Teams are expected to bring enough spare parts. Even in the case of any accidents or equipment malfunction, the organising committee is not responsible for their maintenance or replacement.
  3. The motors voltages should not exceed 12 V and the sensors should not be more powerful than the standard Lego NXT sensors and motors should not be more powerful than the (350 RPM). Any motor or sensor beyond the specified range should be declared. Judges will examine the case and either accept or assign a penalty to the robot.  The only exception is the open category which does not have any restriction on motors or sensors.
  4. Prior to competing, each team must prepare for the match in their specified area until the start of the game.
  5. Some of the games consist of more than one round. 
  6. For some games, a team will have three qualifying runs to perform the challenge. Each team must declare to an Arena Judge that they are prepared to perform a timed run. The Arena Judge will then time the team’s run. When all three runs are completed, the Arena Judge will calculate the team’s score.
  7. Teams may alter or modify their robots between runs.
  8. The score calculation is done by the judges at the conclusion of each round. At the end of each round, the judges of the game will give a score to each of the competing teams.
  9. The ranking of a team is decided by their best score in a round.  If competing teams acquire the same points (tie), the ranking is decided by the record of time (where time has not already been taken into consideration of the scores calculations). If teams still remain tied, rankings will be determined by consistency of the performance by examining which team achieved the next highest score during the previous rounds.
  10. The robotic competition will run from 10am to 2pm. Between 8:30 and 10:00am is allocated to team registration and practice runs. During this time, each team can take turns in performing practice runs.
  11. Registration fee is 150 dirhams per team.

Prohibited Matters

Any of the following offenses will result in an automatic disqualification of the team involved

  1. Destruction of competition courts/tables, materials or robots of other teams.
  2. Use of dangerous items or behaviour that may create or cause interference with the competition.
  3. Inappropriate words and/or behaviour toward other members, other teams, audience, judges or staff.
  4. Any other situation which judges might consider as interference or violation of the spirit of the competition.