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To enrol in an undergraduate degree program you will need to meet the University’s minimum academic and English language requirements. In some cases, you are able to apply for advanced standing, which can provide exemptions on the basis of work you have already completed at another recognised post-secondary institution. Once enrolled, you can also sit for challenge tests to obtain exemptions from certain foundation level subjects.

This page provides full details of

Academic Admission Requirements

Credit for Prior Learning

English Language Admission Requirements

Challenge Tests (Subject Exemptions)

Placement Tests (Engineering)

Academic Requirements

The minimum academic entry requirements and admission criteria for UOWD depend upon the type of high school studies program you have followed. The minimum requirements based on the most common high school systems are outlined below:

Country Qualification Direct Entry Probation Entry*
Australia Australian Tertiary Admission Rank 75 65
Bahrain Tawjihiya (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) 70% 60%
Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate 60% or GPA 3.5/5.0 50% or GPA 3.0/5.0
Canada Canadian High School Diploma Average "C"(GPA 2.5/4.0) Average of
"C-" (GPA 2.3/4.0)
Egypt General Secondary Education School Certificate- GSEC 70% 60%
India All India Senior Secondary Certificate (CBSE) 55% 50%
India State Board Examinations 65% 60%
India Indian School Certificate awarded by ICSE 55% 50%
Iran Pre University Diploma Certificate and Diploma 13 12
Iraq Sixth Form Baccalaureat 70% 60%
Kenya Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Grade "C+" Grade "C"
Nigeria Senior School Certificate Examination WAECO/NECO Minimum 3 "B" and 4 "C" Minimum of 7 subjects with no more than 1 "Pass"
Kuwait Kuwaiti Shahadat Al-Thanawiya Al A'ama (General Secondary School Certificate) 70% 60%
Oman Omani High School Certificate 70% 60%
Pakistan Pakistani Intermediate Certificate or Higher Secondary School Certificate 50% 40%
Qatar Secondary School Certificate 70% 60%
CIS Countries Attestat o Srednem Obrazovanii (Certificate of Secondary Education after yr11) Average 3.5/5 Average 3/5
Saudi Arabia Saudi Secondary School Leaving Certificate 70% 60%
Sri Lanka Ordinary (O) Levels, AS Levels and/or A Levels-with at least 7 GCE/GCSE/IGCSE subjects Minimum three B grades and four C grades Minimum of seven subjects with at least six “C” grades
Syria Baccalaureat /Al Shahada Al Thanawiya (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) 65% 55%
UAE** Shahadat Al-Thanawiya Al-Amma (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) 70% 60%
UAE** Post Secondary Diploma GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA of 2.30 out of 4.0
UK Combination of 7 subjects of: Ordinary (O) Levels/ GCE/GCSE/IGCSE,
AS Levels or and/or
A Levels
Minimum three B grades and four C grades

Combination of seven subjects at a minimum of grade C in O Levels/GCE/GCSE/IGCSE, a minimum of grade D in AS Levels and a minimum of grade E in A Levels

USA American High School Diploma Overall average of grade C (70% or 2.5/4.0) Overall average of "C-" (60% or GPA 2.3/4.0)
Worldwide International Baccalaureate Diploma 26 Points 24 Points
Worldwide International Baccalaureate Certificate 27 Points 25 Points


  • GCE A/AS/O-Level: Students must complete a minimum 11 years of schooling and a School Leaving Certificate must be provided.
  • Students with a post-secondary Diploma need to obtain a GPA of 2.5 or higher with a grade of 'C' in English, Mathematics and Computers plus 60% in their High School Diploma.
  • Students with qualifications other than those listed above are advised to contact the Student Recruitment and Admissions department at UOWD to determine their eligibility.

* Students admitted on probation may enrol in and complete a maximum of three subjects in the first semester. To continue their enrolment at UOWD, a semester average score of 50% must be achieved in these subjects, with no fail grades.

** In line with the Federal law no. 6 of 2014, all Emirati male students graduating from high school in 2013-14 and seeking admission to the University of Wollongong in Dubai must show evidence of completing registration for the compulsory national service. This documentation is issued by the National and Reserve Service Authority which can be contacted at Successful applicants will be granted a conditional offer until confirmation has been received from the National and Reserve Service Authority that students have been exempted. An updated offer will then be issued.

Credit for Prior Learning

In some cases you may be credited with advanced standing (status/exemptions) on the basis of work you have already completed at another recognised post-secondary institution. If you are seeking advanced standing status, you will need to submit an official academic transcripts showing all courses studied and the grades obtained, syllabus details (including information on course content) for the courses you have successfully completed and an explanation of the grading system.

English Language Requirements

All instruction at UOWD is carried out in English and you will need to demonstrate an adequate level of English language proficiency in order to enrol on a program at the University. As an undergraduate applicant, you will be required to submit one of the following certificates of proficiency:

English Language Test Entry Score*
IELTS (Academic) 5.0
Internet-based TOEFL 61
Computer based TOEFL 173
International paper based TOEFL** 500
Pearson PTE Academic Overall: 42
Cambridge English Advanced Overall: 41

* Students admitted with an English Language Test score equivalent to IELTS (Academic) 5.0 - 5.5 overall at the time of admission, are required to complete GED010 Academic Study Skills 1 (12 CP) in their first semester, in addition to a maximum of three additional subjects.Students admitted with an English Language Test score equivalent to or higher than IELTS (Academic) 6.0 overall, with at least 5.5 in Reading and Writing at the time of admission are exempt from GED010 Academic Study Skills 1 (12 CP).

**Students admitted under this criterion must complete the test at UOWD.


UOWD English Test

If you do not have the required evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL) you may take the Accuplacer English Test to establish your language level. The test is conducted on a regular basis and you can register for the test at the same time as you lodge your university application for admission to UOWD.

English language programs for University studies and IELTS preparation are available at the University’s Language Studies Centre.

Challenge Tests

Challenge Tests can be taken in the first semester of study to allow eligible students to gain exemption from certain foundation level subjects. For BEng students, please refer to the procedures outlined specifically for the Bachelor of Engineering Placement Tests.

For all other students, Challenge Tests are available in Foundation Mathematics (MATH 015) and Introduction to Statistics (STAT 015). The tests will be held in the first week of your joining semester and a mark of 60% or above will entitle you to an exception from that subject.

In order to be eligible to sit for the Challenge Tests, you should have the following qualifications:

MATH 015

Education Board Grade required
CBSE Above 75% in Math
A Levels A or B in Math
Iranian Board 17 in Math
UAE High School Certificate 85% in Math

STAT 015

Education Board Grade required
CBSE Above 75% overall
A Levels A or B overall
Iranian Board 17 overall
UAE High School Certificate 85% overall


For further information about test dates, fees, registration and syllabuses, please download the Challenge Test FAQ Sheet

Bachelor of Engineering Placement Tests

All Bachelor of Engineering students should complete two Engineering Placement Tests, one in Physics and one in Mathematics/Statistics. Passing a Placement Tests means you will not be required to take the corresponding remedial subject.

A mark of 60% or above in the test will entitle the student to continue in year 1 subjects for Mathematics/statistics and Physics for the Bachelors of Engineering. Students who score lesser than 60% in the test would be required to enrol in remedial zero subject to further strengthen their foundations in these subjects.  

For further information about test dates, fees, registration and syllabuses, please download the Engineering Placement Test FAQ Sheet.