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Postgraduate Research Staff Profile

Dr Abdullatif Tchantchane
Associate Professor

Dr Tchantchane's research interests include quantitative research methods, econometrics and computational math. He has many publications in nuclear physics, modeling, simulation and econometrics.

Dr Arijit Sikdar
Associate Professor

Dr Arijit Sikdar has over 15 years teaching and research experience in leading business schools. His research interests include strategic management issues related to technology and innovation, entrepreneurship and supply chain strategies.

Dr Balan Sundarakani
Associate Professor

Dr Balan Sundarakani has 10 years of teaching and research experience in the areas of operations management, supply chain management, network optimisation, logistics modelling and simulation in several universities.

Dr Kathy Ning Shen
Associate Professor

Dr Shen’s primary research interests are in human-computer interaction, virtual communities, online consumer behaviour and knowledge management. Her research has been funded by the Emirates Foundation and National Research Foundation.

Dr Mona Mustafa
Associate Professor

Dr Mustafa is a human resource management specialist with several years international experience in education and training. Her research interests include work-life boundaries, shift work, managing expatriates and teleworking.