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Ignite Integrity - Spring e-Camp

Academic Integrity is the foundation on which all of academia stands. It is in the school/university environment such as classrooms, corridors and canteens that students, our future citizens of the world, gather an understanding of what is right and what is wrong, what is meant by integrity, being truthful, responsible, and respectful. This is where they develop life skills of honesty and fairness that prepare them for the real world, and as members of the greater community, learn how to practice these skills in their everyday lives and at work places as future leaders and policy makers.

It then becomes crucial to begin the dialogue with students at all levels of education, not just high school or tertiary education. Research has shown significant drop in misconduct cases among students as the efforts to develop a culture of integrity increases.

Therefore, ensuring and upholding integrity in education provides for a sustainable, constructive future, a platform that fosters, encourages and celebrates innovation and makes for happy individuals, happy work places and happy society.  I2 is first such an initiative towards providing that platform for students in the UAE.

Camp Schedule*

I2 Day Workshop
28 March 2021 Introduction to Academic Integrity, Importance and Impact on Student Career Path, Student Responsibility and Preparedness for the Next Stage of Career
29 March 2021 Training on Academic Writing, with workshops on Citation and Referencing supported by Demonstrations of Software Tools that aid in such work
30 March 2021 I2  competition, Certificate Distribution and Cascading Model for Ambassadors

* Schedule subject to change without prior notice

Academic Writing & Integrity Competition and Closing Day

On the third day of the camp, the campers will be able to engage in a fun-filled competition to try out their skills in academic writing. After the competition, they will be able to witness the judging process that will be tracked through a software, Turnitin. They will get academic career and preparedness counselling and given aids and materials to help them become champions of integrity among their peers. At the closing, the campers will all be presented with e-Certificate of Completion and winners will be announced. All campers who successfully complete the program and take the honour-pledge1 , will be awarded Academic Integrity Ambassador e-badges. Parents are welcome to attend the last day with the campers.


Virtual (WebEx)

Registration Fee and Space

There is a nominal registration fee for each participant – AED20 per head for the entire camp.

Please note – the registration fee is a participating fee for the Campers to attend the camp. The fee includes attending the workshops and competition from 28 – 30 March 2021. Campers wishing to attend all three days or attending any one of the days will be expected to pay the complete fee, regardless of the number of days of attendance.

Please note there are limited seats for the event. We can accommodate 25 Campers only. Registration and booking will be on a first-come-first-serve basis

Registration is closed - Please do not pay as it will not guarantee a seat or refund.


For more information, please email [email protected].

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