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Academic Integrity is the foundation upon which we stand as an institution at UOWD. It is the core value at the university that involves being honest, fair and trustworthy, to act responsible and to show respect  to yourself self and others you work with.

As a student of UOWD, you agree to uphold these values and principles as part of our academic community.

We at UOWD believe in educative and restorative approach to manage academic misconduct, so we are committed to providing you with the right kind of support so that you do well in your studies and enjoy a well-rounded, positive experience as a student at UOWD.

In order to help you, we have a host of strategies and resources that will assist you in understanding academic integrity, why it is important, what actions may be construed as academic misconduct and the procedures involved in such alleged cases.

Remember, as a student at UOWD, our degree programs are geared to help you acquire and enhance the graduate qualities, particularly that of being 'responsible' so that you understand how decisions can affect others and make ethically informed choices; act with integrity as part of local, national, global and professional communities. Understanding the importance of such qualities will help you understand the expectations attached in being students. We are here to provide you the support you need to do well in your studies, particularly your assessments and ultimately fulfill those expectations.

Academic integrity doesn’t end with your degree classes. These are skills and qualities that will help you in the workplaces, long after you have graduated in the form of professional ethics and practice.


For any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our Academic Integrity Officer (AIO)

Academic Integrity Policy

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