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Alumni Success Stories

Hollye Enser

Hollye Enser – Relocating was a risk worth taking!

A people’s person by heart, nothing is more inspiring for Hollye Enser than being able to help people in need. Her mission in life is to make life better for those around her, and by communicating messages that might help, inspire or push them to achieve their goals.

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Sunil Ramakrishnan

“Keep learning, unlearning and relearning” – The story of Sunil Ramakrishnan

Solar energy entrepreneur Sunil Ramakrishnan, is an extraordinary business man with a keen interest in learning, improvising and trying out new ideas.

Sunil’s entrepreneurial mindset sprouts from his passion to help make earth a greener place for everyone to enjoy.

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Amal Dokhan

Amal Dokhan – Chasing a new dream lead to a new career and a new passion!

Amal Ali Dokhan is a go-getter by nature and has an extraordinary addiction – an addiction that sprouts from her profound interest in innovation, the thirst to create a lasting, global impact in whatever she does, her love to explore new and exciting opportunities and enabling more people to acquire the tools that will empower their ventures.

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Xiaotong (Tornar) Yang

Xiaotong (Tornar) Yang: “Quitting my job to pursue my MBA was a life-changing decision”

In today’s employment environment, it is hard to strike a balance between the dream job you wanted and what is available. Numerous opportunities are often accompanied with plenty of competition as well. It is challenging to crack the job market nevermind entering into the position you have always dreamt of!

In the initial stages of his career,...

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Khulood Thani

Khulood Thani – the UAE’s own Fashion Queen

Fashion is everywhere, no matter where you are – it is in magazines, stores, on television, billboards and social media – nothing is left untouched and people like you and me, are either consciously or unconsciously drawn to mesmerising world of fashion.

She is certainly not the Miranda Priestly in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ but she sure is a young and sophisticated entrepreneur...

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