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Alumni Success Stories

Imad Balich

“The feeling of being an active and a productive member of society energises me to always give my best while trying to leave a positive impact on people’s lives” – Imad Balich

A talented civil engineer, Imad is contributing to society by improving safety and quality of life for road users in his flourishing career as a highway designer...

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Mona Faris

“What motivates me in life is the opportunity to make every day count, whether that’s by creating a memory, leaving a lasting impression, or giving back to the community.” – Mona Faris

Following her lifelong ambition to work in marketing, Mona is now managing campaigns that leave a lasting impression in her role as Portfolio Manager with leading multinational, Johnson & Johnson...

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Jaleel B Rahiman

“Applying technology to the business process is what inspires me. Every day brings a new experience, challenge and opportunity to learn and grow.” – Jaleel B Rahiman

Heading the IT department of a leading healthcare group in UAE, Jaleel is helping to enhance the patient experience and boost treatment outcomes through process automation and digital transformation...

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Shurooq AlBanna

“There is a fire inside me that pushes me to reach a goal once I have my heart set on it.” – Shurooq AlBanna

A highly accomplished professional, dedicated humanitarian, and inspirational mentor, Shurooq is passionate in her goal to transform the lives of people in the developing world through her work with the Noor Dubai Foundation...

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Iyad E. M. Abdalrahim

“Being CFO gives you the exposure to all other areas of the business. It is exciting to learn every day and to have the ability and opportunity to achieve” – Iyad E. M. Abdalrahim

With a distinguished career in the finance sector, Iyad believes that the strategic thinking and theories of knowledge he learnt at UOWD have been instrumental in his success....

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Fatima Mohamed Musharbek

“I have learnt from every challenge I have faced; I am grateful for everything that has led me to where I am.” – Fatima Mohamed Musharbek

As Director of Sharjah Youth and Board Member of Sharjah Sports Council, Fatima has taken on a multitude of professional challenges to establish herself as a change-maker in the local community....

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Fatima-Azahra Jamal

“Making a positive impact is something that I aspire to do every day, both on the personal and professional level.” – Fatima-Azahra Jamal

As Territory Director for the global professional networking platform, LinkedIn, Fatima is succeeding in her goal to contribute to the advancement of society by connecting communities to promote career development...

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Shady Abdelaziz

“Perhaps the most important of success factors is character. Self-discipline combined with honesty has opened countless doors for me.” – Shady Abdelaziz

Sales Director Shady believes that his personal character, positive mental attitude, good work habits and above all, his education, have led him to his leading role...

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Hassan Omaish

“My experience at the University of Wollongong gave me the opportunity to network with fellow classmates drawn from every conceivable professional background; people who are highly motivated and possess the vision to drive businesses forward, helping me to expand my cultural and business perspectives” – Hassan Omaish


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Hasan Ali

“Doing good for the community and pushing the envelope when it comes to human rights globally – I think this is the core reason of our existence” – Hasan Ali

As a Global Operations Specialist with social media giant Facebook, Hasan is working hard to make sure the international community is safe, both online and offline...

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Lubna Bouza

“Business news is my passion. I feel that there is so much more that can be done on this front in the Arab world.” – Lubna Bouza

As Editor in Chief for Sky News Arabia’s business coverage, Lubna plays a leading role in empowering the region’s audience with information that matters...

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Trevor Skinner

“I’ve constantly strived to earn the respect of my colleagues and everyone I’ve interacted with; success has come as a consequence of that” – Trevor Skinner

Even into his 60s, Trevor Skinner is looking forward to continuing to add value to the UAE as he pursues his third career...

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Mayar Jaroudi

“The more you learn, explore, work, try-out, experience, innovate....the richer your career” – Mayar Jaroudi

With a boundless sense of curiosity, Mayar Jaroudi believes that learning never ceases and education is a privilege card that provides a pathway to discover new opportunities,..

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Tatjana Stepanova

“When it comes to opportunities I have the ‘swim or sink’ approach; I don’t have any regrets” – Tatjana Stepanova

A senior HR professional, a custodian of workers’ welfare, and an astute young entrepreneur, Tatjana Stepanova is an inspirational working woman who embraces every challenge in life.

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Tariq Abu Samra

“Success coupled with achievement feeds my soul with positivity and keeps me going” – The story of Tariq Abu Samra

Startups and building an empire is Tariq Abu Samra’s passions in life. With his sights set on owning his own business one day, he wrote his first business plan when he was in eighth grade. From an early age, he knew he would put in all the effort it takes to turn his dream into a reality.

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Sarra Lajnef

“My passion is to inspire and empower individuals through sports” – The Story of Sarra Lajnef OLY

Tunisian born Olympic swimmer, Sarra Lajnef fell in love with the sport at the tender age of only four. In pursuit of her ambition to make it to the Olympics, she relocated to France - a brave decision for a 15-year-old girl who had to leave the comfort of her family home behind to follow a lifelong dream.

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Viacheslav Shakhov

“Pitfalls are opportunities to learn, grow and succeed" - Viacheslav Shakhov

Viacheslav Shakhov is known for his dedication and willingness to walk that extra mile to achieve his goals. As the Head of Investment Management Practice at Cooper Fitch, a Recruitment, HR Advisory and Executive Search Consulting firm, he is the youngest manager in the company.

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Robert Rabie

“Challenges provide opportunities to learn and grow”, says Robert Rabie

Australian Robert is an accomplished international player in the construction industry with two decades of success leading multi-million dollar infrastructure projects and initiatives.

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Richard Gouverneur

Richard Gouverneur - “Be willing to innovate, or risk becoming irrelevant”

Richard Gouverneur is naturally inquisitive and enjoys exploring new ways of doing things. He consistently drives a change agenda, as he believes that one needs to challenge the status quo and be willing to innovate

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Montaha Hidefi

“My MIB degree was the key to unlocking my career on an international level” - Montaha Hidefi

Since graduating from UOWD, Montaha Hidefi has worked with an international remit in the UAE, the Netherlands and Canada and is now a published Author and Creative Colour Consultant, with a passion for global travel.

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Ibrahim Al Najjar

“I’m driven by the need to make a difference” - Ibrahim Al Najjar

As IT Director of DP World, UAE national Ibrahim Al Najjar has an important strategic role in shaping Dubai’s transportation and logistics industry – a sector that impacts significantly on people’s lives, both locally and internationally.

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Madiha Khalid

Madiha Khalid - “BBA graduate paves the way for more females in Senior HR Roles”

Thanks to the lessons learned and qualifications gained during her time at University of Wollongong Dubai, BBA graduate, Madiha Khalid is now heading up the HR division of the largest multinational in Pakistan.

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Aashish Sharma

Meet Aashish Sharma – A UOWD graduate that aims to go global with Nepalese-born beverage brands

A serial entrepreneur and graduate of University of Wollongong Dubai has revealed his plans of global presence after taking on ‘the greatest challenge of his life’ by founding Nepalese-based beverage company, Singapore Beverage Nepal.

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Farhana Zaman

"My university education was my stepping stone to gain global exposure" - Farhana Zaman

Farhana Zaman, believes in working hard and that good results are a matter of time. Travelling the world, she gained a wealth of experience working in five different industries in four different countries in a period of only eight years.

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Adnan Mohammed Bin Abdulla

"Adding value to society inspires me to achieve more" - Adnan Mohammed Bin Abdulla

Adnan Bin Abdulla is a sole entrepreneur and the Founder & Chairman of Al Ansar Group of Companies, ETECHAN International Educational Technologies Research & Development, Bahanes General Trading, ADVOICE Advertising and Novointellex Mobile accessories.

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Jamal Masalma

Jamal Masalma: "Thriving in the face of a challenge"

Jamal Masalma is one of those remarkable professionals who thrives in the face of a challenge. Having led a big-budget nation-wide IT program, he knows what it takes to turn a business vision into an operational reality.

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Hollye Enser

Hollye Enser – Relocating was a risk worth taking!

A people’s person by heart, nothing is more inspiring for Hollye Enser than being able to help people in need. Her mission in life is to make life better for those around her, and by communicating messages that might help, inspire or push them to achieve their goals.

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Sunil Ramakrishnan

“Keep learning, unlearning and relearning” – The story of Sunil Ramakrishnan

Solar energy entrepreneur Sunil Ramakrishnan, is an extraordinary business man with a keen interest in learning, improvising and trying out new ideas.

Sunil’s entrepreneurial mindset sprouts from his passion to help make earth a greener place for everyone to enjoy.

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Amal Dokhan

Amal Dokhan – Chasing a new dream lead to a new career and a new passion!

Amal Ali Dokhan is a go-getter by nature and has an extraordinary addiction – an addiction that sprouts from her profound interest in innovation, the thirst to create a lasting, global impact in whatever she does, her love to explore new and exciting opportunities and enabling more people to acquire the tools that will empower their ventures.

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Xiaotong (Tornar) Yang

Xiaotong (Tornar) Yang: “Quitting my job to pursue my MBA was a life-changing decision”

In today’s employment environment, it is hard to strike a balance between the dream job you wanted and what is available. Numerous opportunities are often accompanied with plenty of competition as well. It is challenging to crack the job market nevermind entering into the position you have always dreamt of ...

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Khulood Thani

Khulood Thani – the UAE’s own Fashion Queen

Fashion is everywhere, no matter where you are – it is in magazines, stores, on television, billboards and social media – nothing is left untouched and people like you and me, are either consciously or unconsciously drawn to mesmerising world of fashion.

She is certainly not the Miranda Priestly...

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