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With a multi-dimensional professional portfolio to his credit, Dr Khaldoon Nabhan has a rich academic background that includes medicine, international law, public administration and healthcare management. This diversity has led to a deep and insightful understanding of the way organisations operate.

Dr Nabhan completed his Masters degree in Strategic Marketing as a top graduate of the University. He also undertook Masters programs in Quality Management and Strategic Human Resource Management, making him a student and graduate of UOWD three times. Having enrolled in the MSHRM post graduate course primarily due to the reputation of the university and the highly valued Australian education, he was impressed with the variety of disciplines on offer and the diversity on campus.

He was honoured by UOWD to address the Vote of Thanks on behalf of his fellow graduates at the 2009 graduation ceremony and this occasion forms one of his most cherished memories at the University.

“I learnt the very essential skills of problem solving and decision making during my education at UOWD. It gave me in-depth knowledge, particularly about human capital and development.” He holds his professors in high esteem and particularly remembers Dr Prakash who taught marketing subjects. “The University played a significant role in helping me to understand different cultures and armed me with the tools needed to analyse and solve problems.”

Master of Strategic Marketing, 2008
Master of Quality Management, 2008
Master of Human Resource Management, 2009
Principal Officer, Legal Affairs Department, Dubai Health Authority

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