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   Nazneen Maymoun started her education at UOWD in 2006 in pursuit of a Master in Business Administration   degree. Although a high achiever as a student of health sciences throughout her academic Life - Nazneen was   the winner of the Sheikh Rashid Award for Academic Excellence - the switch to a business degree was not   easy.   “To change my stream of education and that too at Masters level was very challenging.”

  Her personal life was dramatically affected at that time and she overcame tragedy to emerge stronger and   advance her career through her MBA degree. “I had won a scholarship at an overseas university, but I preferred to   study in the UAE after the death of my husband.

“I chose UOWD and this marked a turning point in my life, because it helped me get out of depression and opened new avenues for self-development. Being one of the universities in the UAE that has the Ministry of Higher Education accreditation, it was my first choice for education in the country. Today, as I run the Sharjah Medical District, with the responsibility for 1,000-plus nursing staff, I am constantly inspired by what I learnt at the University.

“I learnt many life skills at UOWD - it broadened my vision, and strengthened my coping mechanism. Above all, it gave me an aim in life. I owe a lot to this institution for helping me to reach the position that I am in today. I was the Head of Quality and Continuous Education when I joined UOWD. After completing my Masters, I was promoted at work and am now the District Director of Nursing for the entire Sharjah Medical district.”

Master of Business Administration, 2008
District Director of Nursing, Sharjah Medical District



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