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 Odelia's education at UOWD led her into the world of publishing, where she is now Deputy Editor for the leading lifestlye magazine, Mondanite.

 “I learnt more than just one skill during my formative years at UOWD. Among these were confidence, clarity of thought and the ability to see the big picture.

 “The best part was working together on group assignments and preparing presentations for the class. Coordinating with other working students, being part of a team of professionals from different backgrounds, and presenting to a class full of very attentive people – it all made for some thought-provoking and enriching discussions. 

“What I got from the end of my studies was more than just a paper certifying me as a Graduate… it was the ability to take theory and apply it practically in the business world. It is the one most essential life skill that I took with me.

“I’ve applied almost everything I learnt in University in the practical world and am extremely proud to say that I’m UOWD Graduate.”

Master of International Business, 2005
Deputy Editor, Mondanite

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