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   “I enrolled for the Certificate in Business Management at UOWD in 2009 and then, the following semester, in the Master of Business Administration program. After my Masters, I decided to continue my studies and without any semester break, applied for the DBA program. I received the call congratulating me for being accepted as a doctoral student and it is one of my very special memories at UOWD.

“As a doctoral student, I enjoy discussing study and business projects with my classmates. The faculty at UOWD has a unique approach to teaching the course. My exposure here has taught me that no matter how old one is, or how difficult the situation is, if you have the will, you can achieve set goals.

“UOWD has been instrumental in affecting the way I shaped my future. It has provided me with the skills to relate to people from different backgrounds and communication styles, which builds the foundation for enriching business activities at an international level.”

Master of Business Administration, 2010
Current DBA student
Chief Executive Officer and Head of the Board of Directors, BASACO

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