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Master of Educational Studies

A unique program designed to prepare you for high-level and strategic responsibilities in education.

The Master of Educational Studies at UOWD will provide you with the specialised knowledge in education practice and leadership to take on a strategic role in the advancement of the UAE schooling system.

Designed in collaboration with industry experts, this program will position you at the forefront of innovation and best practice in the education sector.

18 - 24 months

Winter - January | Spring - April | Summer - July | Autumn - September

Fees per subject
AED 7,472.50
USD 2,036
(VAT 5% inclusive)


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If you are not ready to pursue a full-time Master’s program but would like to become a skilled teacher, the Graduate Diploma will strengthen your professional portfolio.


Discipline Leader

Dr Muna Amr

Dr Muna Amr
Associate Professor
PhD, MPhil, University of Cambridge/ BA, MA, University of Jordan

Before joining UOWD, Dr Amr was an Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of Jordan specialising in teaching courses with a focus on learning disabilities, language and speech...

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Program Highlights

Designed to develop your leadership potential

This program will prepare you for high-level and strategic responsibilities, helping you to discover new practices in learning management and to develop your teaching, professional, and institution leadership skills.

Industry informed and aligned

Designed in collaboration with key industry stakeholders, the program will teach you how to apply advanced theories and practices in education at national and international levels.

Focussed on best practice

With emphasis on curriculum development, instructional design, pedagogy, assessment, cognitive and affective development, and teacher leadership competencies, this program will position you at the forefront of innovation and best practice in the education sector.

Contribution to educational research

Through the independent research project, you will have the opportunity to make an important contribution to evidence-based educational practice in the UAE.

    Globally accredited, locally relevant 

    The program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education, and quality assured by UOW Australia, and therefore recognised throughout the UAE and internationally. Upon graduation, students can choose either a degree certificate from UOWD or a degree certificate from UOW Australia.

    Program Outcomes

    On successful completion of the Master of Educational Studies, you will be equipped with the skills and experience to:

    • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of theory and practice within the field of education in national and international contexts. 
    • Design assessment tools and tasks and interpret data and evidence to reflect on the impact of teaching on learning outcomes.
    • Implement relevant technical knowledge in curriculum design, pedagogy and new technologies to engage students in learning.
    • Implement appropriate instruction and management practices for inclusive and productive learning environments. 
    • Conduct independent research and reflect critically on the ways in which educational theory and research informs teaching practice. 
    • Demonstrate professional leadership in managing and leading teaching and learning in educational institutions.

    Program Structure

    To qualify for the Master of Educational Studies, a student is required to successfully complete 10 subjects.

    • Psychology for Educators
    • Curriculum and Learning Design
    • Assessment and Reporting in a School Context
    • Introduction to Technology in Education
    • Designing Digital Learning Environments
    • Introduction to Inclusive Education: Strategies, Policies and Legislation
    • Second Language Literacy
    • Practicum (in a school setting)
    • Introduction to Research and Enquiry

    Options in Practical Experience at Master Level

    • Track A: Practicum in school setting and Minor Research Project in Education
    • Track B: Internship in non-school setting and Minor Research Project in Education
    • Track C: Major Research Project in Education

    Three study tracks for Master students

    Track A: This track covers both areas of practical experience and research for Master students. It is suitable for those students who want to become teachers or those who want to further develop their teaching profile and want to meet the requirements of the Teacher Licensing in the UAE.

    Track B: This track is suitable for students interested in working in the broader education sector, but not as teachers, and entails placement in institutions/ organizations such as NGOs and educational consultancies/ business, etc.

    Track C: Suitable for students interested in educational research and looking to develop their research profile. These students might have already experience in a classroom or educational setting and wish to pursue further higher education either via a PhD or a Professional Doctorate.

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