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Engaging with Industry

Our Industry engagement includes a broad range of university-business interactions, and can lead to productive collaborations.

UOWD has nurtured a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship with the expertise, to training and development for staff, we can provide a wide range of services to help your business secure the best outcomes.

UOWD discoveries, innovations and research have significant real-word potential. Business have the capabilities to turn this potential into reality, if they can access the right scientific and technical expertise and resources.

UOWD - Industry Engagement

Our collaborations with businesses are about closing this research-industry gap, to build the solutions that achieve success while driving positive impact. By working with us, your business can benefit from our world-leading research, facilities and experts, to build the solutions that secure better outcomes and deliver positive impact.

We aim to work together with leading businesses to secure ground-breaking outcomes throughout the UAE, and beyond.

Areas of Expertise

Exchange of knowledge and innovation

Our relationships with businesses are designed to create the most mutually beneficial transfer of knowledge and experience. With a divers and dynamic group of academic experts whose experience spans numerous fields, as well as a series of academic partnership with other institutions across the globe.

UOWD can provide your business with world-leading expertise and advice. UOWD often invites industry experts as guest lecturers to campus, sharing their real-world experience and knowledge with students. This ensures our students are kept abreast of all the latest developments, trends and scenarios within their chosen field.

Along with our consultancy services, we can arrange specific services including guest lecture opportunities for your organisation, to aim your staff with the knowledge that they need.

Research and development

Sometimes industry drives research, and sometimes research drives industry. That's why UOWD maintains links with a wide range of industries such as, Oil and Gas, Construction, Agriculture, Market Research, Trade & Logistics, business, Healthcare, Education, Military& Defence, Transport and many more. By partnering with UOWD, your business will gain access to our distinguished research portfolio, which focusses on studies that can be applied in the UAE and wider region - ranging from women in leadership, to the develpment of smart cities.

A member of our research team will work with you to help you access the specific research expertise you need.

Training and education opportunities

Our engagement with businesses is about helping them to implement their own program of innovative thought. Businesses rely rely on the talents of thier staff are industry leaders.

We offer a range of services fir training and teaching your staff, including industry specific workshop, CPD development programs and professional education for the staff of partner businesses at special rates. You are also welcome to sues our facilities for conferences and meetings.

Developing future talent together

The world of business is undergoing profound changes, as technology and society advance at an unprecedented pace. The business leaders of the future will be the ones who tap into the emerging trends from an early stage, and the businesses that tap into this talent pool will be the ones at the forefront of innovation.

UOWD believes in producing students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to excel - and our industry partners can play a part in this.

We often work with our industry partners to place our brightest and best students in their business, so that they can develop into the industry experts of tomorrow. We also invite businesses to offer scholarships and sponsorship, to support the most promising students throughout their academic development. UOWD helps to develop the skills need for succession planning, for professionals seeking promotion or new roles.

Creating innovative solutions

over the years, UOWD has enjoyed many mutually benficial industry partnerships that also help to foster and promote the wider landscape. Our varied areas of expertise and wide-raning talent pool enable us to jointly create innovative solutions and develop close-working relationships with the most forwards-thinking companies no matter the industry they operate in.

Partner with us

Together, your business and UOWD can combine innovative ideas and resources to produce better outcomes and create positive impact - regionally and internationally. Get in touch with us to discuss collaborative opportunities.

To learn more about industry engagement, collaborative research opportunities, student placement and other opportunities, contact [email protected] or call +971 4 278 1800

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