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STAR Program

At UOWD we have a dedicated extracurricular initiative to help you develop your employment-related skills, known as the STAR (Students Taking Active Roles) program. 

This structured scheme of core and elective activities will help you to identify your interests, enhance your team working capabilities and develop your own leadership style, while achieving milestones and earning prizes along the way. 

Through a range of interactive workshops, one-on-one training, developmental activities and projects, seminars, competitions and internships, you will develop a new confidence in your abilities, culminating in the award of a Certificate of Accomplishment that can help to demonstrate your skills and motivation to prospective employers.

Through STAR you can:

  • learn more about yourself and others
  • develop your own leadership style and skills
  • sharpen and develop specific perspectives and abilities
  • determine which activities best suit your interests.

STAR offers students a range of interactive workshops, one-on-one training, developmental activities and projects, seminars, competitions and internships. The program is a combination of compulsory and elective activities and you can earn prizes by achieving certain milestones as you progress.

A Certificate of Accomplishment is awarded on completion, and students consistently demonstrate a new confidence in their skills and employability upon graduation from the program.

Participation and Timescale

Participation in STAR is open to all enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students at UOWD. You are required to complete a minimum of one STAR workshop and two elective activities each semester and it will take a minimum of two semesters for you to complete STAR, but you may take up to two academic years to complete the required components without penalty.

STAR Workshops

STAR workshops are a compulsory component of the STAR Leadership program, topics include leadership skill development, communications, presentation, intercultural dynamics, time management, event management, creative thinking and team building.

You must complete a minimum of six out of nine STAR workshops. This allows you to choose the topics in which you are most interested.

Elective Workshops & Activities

Elective activities for STAR include existing workshops and seminars already on offer to the student population through the Student Services Department as well as other University departments.

Activities are broken into four categories. Each category is assigned a different point value depending upon the complexity and relevance to employability outcomes of the activities within that category. You must earn 100 points by participating in elective activities; a minimum of 30 points must be earned by participating in Yellow or Green activities. Elective points may be earned in any semester including the summer session.

Benefits of Participation

There are many benefits to being in the STAR program, including:

  • engaging in challenging and interactive leadership initiatives
  • providing service to the University and the Dubai community
  • meeting other students and developing new friendships
  • experiencing a complete University experience
  • automatic eligibility for a UOWD internship.

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