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UOWDx Program

UOWDx Overview

UOWDx is designed to recognise the knowledge, skills and networks developed by students through their engagement with co-curricular activities. Formal recognition is provided though the UOWDx Record and UOWDx Award, issued on graduation to endorse the students’ learning and achievements to prospective employers or to postgraduate admissions decision-makers.

AppVision 2019

UOWDx connects students with valuable co-curricular activities that are offered at the University of Wollongong in Dubai. The personal and professional development that students gain through these activities is formally recognised through the UOWDx Record and Award.


UOWDx Record

Awarded at graduation, the UOWDx Record is a transcript of the student co-curricular involvement. This formal endorsement from the university showcases the knowledge, skills and networks the student have developed as an aspiring professional. 

Learning Stream Award

A Learning Stream Award is identified on the students UOWDx Record and is evidence of their commitment to a particular learning stream. To be eligible for a Learning Stream Award the student must complete two activities and one workshop within that particular learning stream followed by a 100 piece reflective piece.

The learning streams available are:

  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Global & Cultural Awareness 
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring & Wellbeing 
  • Community & Social Change

UOWDx Award

Receiving the UOWDx Award is the mark of an extraordinary graduate. To be eligible for the UOWDx Award, the student must:

  • Complete two Learning Stream Awards and;
  • Complete the UOWDx Award Program

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