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Principles of Responsible Business

6 credit points towards the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees

Course Overview

In today's world, doing business in responsible way is of paramount importance.  Failure to compliance and negligence to business responsibilities of   business and corporate leaders leaves  the world in huge  disasters costing even human life as we evidence in current environments. CSR, Environmental Sustainability, Work Place Ethics, Ethical Consumption are tools to provide forward-looking guidance that yields better business leaders who are ethical, morally responsible in making more-informed decisions. 

Credit Points
6 Credit Points towards the BCom (all majors) and BBA degree (COMM101)

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Pre-requisite(s): None
Mode of Delivery: Distance
Duration: 5 Weeks

Lecture Info
Day: Monday, Thursday
Time: 10:00AM - 12:00PM
Location: Online (WebEx)

Tutorial Info
Day: Monday, Thursday
Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Location: Online (WebEx)


This course provides students with a conceptual tool kit for understanding and practicing responsible and ethical commerce using real-case scenarios to optimize decision making in the context responsible business. Each topic will be illustrated with real world case studies. The course concludes with a challenging industry-based project on any one of the topics chosen. As such, students will learn to verify and enhance their knowledge through authentic experiences of industry leaders and their contemporary practices.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs typically become Marketing Managers, HR Consultants, Public Relations Managers, Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Recruitment Specialists, Financial Managers, Management Consultants and more.

Key Highlights / Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, a student will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of individual rights and responsibilities in responsible and ethical commerce. 
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the historical context of today’s commercial principles and practices. 
  • Identify and explain ethical approaches to contemporary enterprise in commerce. 
  • Identify and critically evaluate the key challenges posed by contemporary social, economic and legal systems to responsible and ethical decision making in commerce. 
  • Communicate reasoned arguments and demonstrate critical thinking to apply responsible and ethical principles to organizational decision making. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use of specified information and communication technologies.

Subject Outline

The six-weeks course will include:

Week 1:
  • Overview of the course
  • Seeing moral dimension of business
Week 2:
  • Ethics and Human Talent
  • Ethics at Work
  • Building responsible teams and project topics overview
Week 3:
  • Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Learning from Industry: E-CSR Majlis
  • Corporate governance
Week 4:
  • Ethical Consumption
  • Product Safety
  • Advertising
  • Responsibilities of Business
Week 5:
  • Leadership for sustainability
  • Environmental ethics in business
Week 6:
  • Wrap and putting it all together: Towards ethical Decision making
  • Poster Presentations
  • Major Project Assessments

Delivery Method

The course will be delivered in an online mode with strong emphasis on use of real-life case studies and live interaction with Industry experts. In each week a Virtual Industry Mentor will oversee student’s industry-based project and will help students to build their conceptual knowledge to progress through their live final project. Topics such as CSR and others will be delivered through an authentic industry-based panel discussion e-CSR Majlis. During the final weeks students’ posters and projects will be presented to industry guests as well.

Course Leader

Dr Flevy Lasrado is a future-thinking academic with an absolute passion for teaching and learning. She is a recognized industry leader with extensive business excellence and innovation expertise, the value of which has been recognized in her Higher Education Academy fellowship and American Society of Quality award. Using coaching techniques, active learning strategies, authentic assessments and exceptional pedagogical practices, she inspires and enables young professionals to pursue successful professional careers and become knowledge hubs who see learning as a lifelong journey. Using her cutting-edge research, she has developed over 21 internationally published teaching resources to contextualize business practices to the middle east region and has developed a unique teaching approach to engage young learners into active learning. Dr Lasrado is a winner of Vice Chancellor award for Outstanding contributing to teaching and learning from University of Wollongong in Australia. She has also received awards such as Global award for Academic excellence from Amity University as well.

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