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Certificate of Proficiency Courses

The following Certificates of Proficiency are currently on offer at UOWD. Please note that eligibility for each course is aligned to the admission requirement for the postgraduate degree program that each subject belongs to and certain pre-requisites may be required.

Cross Cultural Management

This program addresses key issues and problems associated with managing across cultural boundaries in a context of increasing globalisation. You will study cross cultural communication, technology, comparative management practices, managing with multicultural policies, and the challenges cultural differences pose for international and global managers.

Consumer Behaviour

If you’re interested in understanding the motives of consumers during the purchase of products and services, this option is ideal for you. You will investigate sociological and psychological concepts and apply them specifically to the behaviour of consumers in order to learn how to make more effective marketing decisions, using real-life business case studies to help you to apply theory to practice. 

Organisational Analysis

This certificate provides students with an understanding of the main theoretical frameworks and conceptual tools used to analyse organisations. The subject approaches organisational analysis using four perspectives: bureaucratic, contingency, political, and cultural. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basis in theory and metaphorical roots of each perspective, as the foundation for using a multiple perspectives approach to identify the key dynamics of organisations.

Financial Statement Analysis for Business

This program examines the framework for financial statement analysis with discussion of the role of accounting information and intermediaries. Emphasis is on the appraisal and prediction of corporate financial performance from publicly available information such as accounting numbers, industry and economic statistics as well as other stock market data. Cases and problems are gradually introduced, provoking an analytical and creative thinking process ending with the evaluation and preparation of appropriate business strategies.

Islamic Banking and Finance

This program is ideal for those who would like to acquire a basic understanding of the principles of Islamic Banking and Finance. This certificate of will equip you with knowledge of various aspects including Modes of Financing, Product Development, Shariah Standards & Rulings, Islamic Investment Products, Islamic Capital Markets, Islamic Insurance (Takaful) System and Islamic Risk Management. A historical background, as well as the challenges that the Islamic Banking and Finance sector face, will also be discussed.

Financial Institutions

This subject reviews the global financial system and investigates the functioning of financial institutions and markets. Particular content may include coverage of the evolution of the global monetary system and organizations; the international financial markets including Euromarkets; the framework of global financial system; the role of regulation sectors; the operations of money market, capital market and derivative market; the banking industry and payment system; and the implication of monetary and fiscal policies on financial markets

Quality in Management

The purpose of this certificate is to provide you with an understanding of how an organisation can successfully make the transition to Total Quality Management (TQM). The approach is to explore the concepts and methods of TQM and to provide a basic understanding of the philosophical, analytical and statistical bases of the TQM methodology, together with some practical examples of using that methodology.

Human Resource Development

Is your business undergoing rapid change or do you want to improve your competitive advantage? This certificate will provide you with an advanced perspective on the use of Human Resource Development (HRD) in building up the intellectual and learning system capacities of the organisation to cope with change and improve customer focus. The concept of the Learning Organisation will be developed through the perspective of the HRD policies and actions required to develop and change organisations through their human capital and capabilities.

Engineering Project Management

This course aims to provide you with direction in various project management disciplines, helping you assess related risks and formulate strategies and contingency plans. The course covers topics such as Scope Management, Time Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Financial Management, Project Plans, Project Quality Management and Procurement and Contract Management.

Information Technology Strategic Planning

This certificate explores the application of technology for competitive advantage. By thinking strategically about a company’s technological orientation, a wide spectrum of business and technology issues are covered, addressing the problems and issues surrounding the analysis and development of an IT strategic plan.

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