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9th Annual Multicultural Festival

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Every culture, every country!

Cultural / Traditional Stalls representing different countries
Student leaders from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Indonesia, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, China , Australia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Iran, Sri Lanka, Philippines,  Afghanistan, Russia and  more are inviting you to come and visit their traditional stalls, take pictures and henna your hands. You can also take the opportunity to vote on which stall you think is the most traditional. Creative informative and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

FIFA 14 PS3 Tournament, Block 5 Foyer
World Cup football tournament – FIFA 14
Tournament to be held for 3 days between 24 and 26 November, with winners  announced on 27 November 2014. Gift voucher prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Food Festival
Sample typical food from different countries across a range of stalls.

Photo Booth
Come take photos with the traditional dress of your choice with different backdrops - or even a Cleopatra crown -something to remember!


Blocks 5, 14 and 15

Organized By:

Student Services Department


Student Services Department, Student Leaders, UniCrew and volunteers

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