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General Education (GED) prior Autumn 2020

Students are required to complete 60 credit points of General Education from the following seven (7) categories:

Required GEC Subject Equivalent new GEC Subject
GEDA010 Academic Language Skills No change
GEDB010 Research Language Skills
GED 020 Academic Study Skills 2
MATH060 Foundation Mathematics for Business
OPS 113 Business Oriented Information Systems
ARTS017 Islamic Culture ARTS317 Muslim Societies Across the Ages
ENVI030 Environmental Science GEOG222 Society and Environment: Resources, Challenges, Futures
ARTS035  Introduction to Philosophy /
LAW 101   Law, Business and Society
IRAE135 UAE and International Relations
PSYC015  Introduction to Psychology /
SOC 103   Introduction to Sociology
PUBH115    Public Health, or
URBS103    Urban Sociology
One further subject from: Humanities or Arts or Social or Behavioral Sciences Any General elective subject

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