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Global Executive Master of Luxury Management (GEMLux)

“Study in Dubai, Paris, Geneva and Milan, exploring a world of luxury with UOWD”

The Global Executive Master of Luxury Management (GEMLux) degree will give you a truly international insight into the luxury goods and services market, with study tours to some of the world’s most iconic luxury shopping capitals. On completion of the degree, you will earn a dual qualification from UOWD and the internationally renowned MIP Politecnico di Milano in Italy.

As a student of GEMLux you will gain first-hand, expert insights into the industry through study tours to cities renowned as luxury destinations. You will take factory tours, attend meetings at headquarters, visit foundations and exhibitions, and conduct mystery shopping assignments to gain a deeper understanding of the sector. 

18 months

Intake Starts
October 8th, 2021

Tuition Fees
AED 141,750
USD 38,624
(VAT 5% inclusive)


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UOWD is committed to providing you with the necessary assistance in the current situation. Our Recruitment & Admissions team is ready to assist prospective students and their parents with the necessary career path and program guidance via several online platforms. Visit the below link to book a Digital One-to-One Consultation with our Admissions team based on your convenience.
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Begin your Master’s degree in Dubai, then travel to Milan, Geneva and Paris to experience prominent luxury shopping capitals and attend factory tours, presentations at luxury brand headquarters, visits to foundations and exhibitions and much more.

Our students will be the next Luxury Brand Manager, Fashion Retail Buyer, Branding & PR Specialist, Creative Director, Brand Ambassador or Visual Merchandising Executive.


Program Director

Dr Osama Al-Hares

Dr Osama Al-Hares
Associate Professor
PhD in Accounting and Finance, Manchester Business School, UK

Dr Osama has a broad range of experience in the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of managerial and cost accounting, financial accounting and reporting analysis, auditing, accounting for decision making...

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Career Opportunities

With a GEMLux degree, you will be set to launch an exciting career in the dynamic world of international luxury brands. The program opens up a world of professional opportunities in this flourishing international market, such as:

  • Luxury Brand Manager
  • Fashion Retail Buyer
  • Brand PR Specialist
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Head of Retail
  • Head of Brand
  • Creative Director
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Trade Marketer

Dual Degree Award


As a graduate of the GEMLux program you will hold qualifications from two elite universities. When you fulfil the graduation requirements and regulations at each institution, you will be awarded the following degrees:

  • Global Executive Master of Luxury Management from the University of Wollongong in Dubai.
  • Global Executive Master of Luxury Management from MIP Politecnico di Milano.

For this reason, MIP is able to integrate distinctive academic know-how with practical professional experience derived from the world of business and consultancy. By working directly with companies, MIP can truly understand and work within the real world, developing educational programs and services in line with corporate needs.


Accreditation and Recognition

GEMLux - Accreditation and Recognition

Because we’re licensed by the UAE Ministry of Education, through the Commission of Academic Accreditation, our students and graduates can be assured that our degrees are recognised throughout the UAE and internationally.


Please note the GEMLUX Degree is not tradeable with UOW Australia and will be issued from UOWD and Politecnico di Milano as two qualifications.

Duration and Delivery

The GEMLux program can be completed in 18 months, inclusive of three one-month breaks. You will undertake five modules on campus at UOWD, two modules in Milan, one module in Geneva and another in Paris. Your final project will be initiated in Dubai and co-supervised by faculty members from both campuses.

There are 10 modules for the GEMLUX Degree. Six in Dubai, two in Milan, one in Paris and one in Geneva (Click below to expand each module).

Program Structure

Subject Code Subject Title
Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis in the context of luxury brands is the art and the science of formulating, evaluating business opportunities, implementing and evaluating policies and decisions. Such decisions aim to assist luxury brands in realising goals and setting objectives. Strategic analysis is a continuous process that assesses and evaluates the business and its relevant industry, particularly recent trends in relevant luxury markets.

International Contracts Negotiation

This module highlights the importance of structuring, negotiating and drafting international contracts. It then takes a set of contracts – from bilateral, multilateral and commercial transactions – and explains their structure and key clauses.

Emphasis is placed on the manner in which negotiating teams should conduct negotiations in a successful form, and how to draft specific clauses of contracts and loan agreements. Drawing on best practice examples, the subject aims to develop the necessary practical skills for negotiating and formulating contracts.

This program will expose you to the core areas of contract negotiation in order to develop skills to analyse specific contractual clauses and to allow you to construct specific drafts relevant to the context of luxury brands.

Luxury Customer Experience Design and Marketing

Here you will be involved in the whole process of creating, communicating and delivering a valuable luxury experience to the customer. The luxury experience is the outcome of a series of factors, including: Expense, Quality, Attention to Detail, Rarity, Exclusivity, Anticipation and Customisation.

For this reason, both the design and the marketing process must also be customer-focused. As a result, you will demonstrate an advanced understanding of theory and practice in customer experience management and luxury in an international context.

Operations and Supply Chain Distribution

This module aims to address three fundamental areas of management, with specific reference to the luxury sector. In line with the spirit of the program, to merge theory with practice, the module will be held in Switzerland, in the cradle of Luxury Watchmaking; as a consequence, the module will be divided into three parts:

  • The origins of luxury: manufacturing excellence and global markets.
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management; most relevant management models for Supply Chain in luxury firms today.
  • Swiss Watch industry study tour: visits, lectures and keynote speeches.
Innovation Management

This subject provides an introduction to the nature of innovation, why luxury firms innovate, and how innovation can be managed in the luxury industry.

It covers various fundamental topics, such as the role of innovation management in driving competitive advantage, models of innovation, management of research and development (R&D), managing creative people, how and why luxury firms collaborate with other firms in networks, measuring innovation success, and how firms can protect their innovations using intellectual property rights. The subject provides evidence of different frameworks/approaches based on real-life examples and experiences of leading luxury firms.

Retailing and Services Design

The module aims at presenting the challenges faced by luxury companies in designing and managing their distribution chain and their stores, as well as the way the stores should be operated. It offers a 360 degree experience in the retail service design for luxury brands, with hands on experience of applying the relevant processes and technological solutions.

Brand Management

This module is a journey through the process of creating, managing, repositioning and extending a luxury brand.

This is done with the perspective that luxury brands are “living beings”, i.e. they experience a lifecycle, and must decide whether to adapt or not to the external environment. You will learn about managing brand architecture and creating a solid market presence, while maintaining the luxury unique factor that the brand possesses. You will learn how to consistently and sensitively manage brands and brand portfolio decisions in an international context.

Luxury Distribution

This module takes you through the process of design and implementation of the physical distribution network with a particular focus on infrastructure, transportation modes, and design and planning of distribution operations.

Important elements that are addressed include: the use of contracts and relevant clauses, analysis of distribution, and sustainability in transportation systems from an environmental and social perspective.

Business Plan

This subject enables you to explore the potential exploitation of your own business idea within the luxury sphere. You will evaluate opportunities from a range of perspectives including financial, technical and legal. You will conduct market research on the opportunity, develop a plan for exploitation, and have the opportunity to present your proposal to a panel of experts who will provide feedback on the commercial feasibility of your chosen luxury project.

Project Work

The final project is designed to apply what has been studied and learned during the two class terms of the masters, and to put it into practice. You will be able to explore the potential exploitation of your own business idea within the luxury sphere.

A range of perspectives including financial, technical and legal will be implemented in the context of a luxury brand. You will conduct market research and develop a plan for exploitation and have the opportunity to present your proposal to a panel of experts who will provide feedback on the commercial feasibility of your chosen luxury project.


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