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Hear it from our Students

“UOWD is my favourite place in Dubai to learn, meet new people and grow towards my personal and career goals.”

Shumaila Ahmed
Master of International Studies



“A diverse, welcoming and cosy environment - UOWD is my second home and my first step on the ladder to success.”

Sulafa Alsayyah
Bachelor of Commerce: Management



“UOWD provides a superb quality of education, with a real sense of commitment and enthusiasm amongst everyone I meet.”

Ashraf Kamal
Master of Business Administration



“UOWD is my future, because this is where it all begins.”

Tonzock Agwara
Master of Applied Finance and Banking




“UOWD provides a friendly environment for freshers, with help and encouragement from staff and seniors right across campus.”

Muhammad Bilal
Bachelor of Business Administration



“UOWD is the best place to study computer science and enjoy an active campus life, with a great computer club and games room.”

Waleed Mohsen
Bachelor of IT in Management Information Systems



“UOWD provides an excellent standard of education combined with a great social life. It’s given me clear ambitions for the future.”

Khouloud Bachnak
Bachelor of Commerce: Marketing



“UOWD is a safe place to study, get a respected degree and meet amazing people from all over the world.”

Isabelle Ossey
Master of Applied Finance and Banking



“UOWD is a place of great learning and a source of immense pride that has impacted positively on my life.”

Vincent Udoh
Master of Information Technology Management



“UOWD is the best place to network and gain knowledge, at the centre of a prominent international city.”

Aditya Loddha
Master of Business Administration



“UOWD is my key to a good education and a bright and exciting future.”

Anas Brighish
Bachelor of Commerce: Finance



“UOWD provides a multicultural environment with a strong commitment to sport and a great campus atmosphere.”

Mohd Al-Abbasi
Bachelor of Engineering



“Studying at UOWD is a life changing experience that has turned me into a professional. I am so proud to be a student of one of the top universities.”

Madina Zholmakhanova
Bachelor of Business Administration



“Everyone at UOWD has a ‘can-do’ mentality that is passed onto every student. The school, the lecturers and the ambience – I love it all!”

Femi Olofinleye 
Bachelor of Business Administration



“UOWD is my platform from which to serve the world both practically and intellectually.”

Shibin George
Master of Applied Finance and Banking

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