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Residence FAQs

Can I stay in my room during end-of-session breaks?

You can stay in the Residences between sessions provided you have paid for the whole semester fee as this fee covers the break weeks as well, except for the summer semester long break. You may not stay in the Residences over the summer break unless you have paid for the extra weeks.
Can I bring my fridge?

No, you are not allowed to bring in your own fridge.
Can I bring my own furniture?

No. Each flat is furnished with all the necessary furnishings. Space is especially limited in the bedrooms, so extra furniture will be in the way.
What I should pack and bring to the residences?

Alarm clock, bed sheets, pillows, hangers, multi-plug, toiletries, extension cords, small table lamps, laundry detergent, telephone charger, kitchen utensils, printing papers,groceries. Space in the rooms is limited so please bring only the essentials.
Is there catering services in the Residences or do I have to cook my own food?

Students will have to purchase their own groceries and cook their own food, though there are nearby restaurants and take away fast foods. If you wish to cook in the Residences, you will need to provide your own pots and cooking utensils.
Can I bring my pet?

Pets of any kind are not allowed.
What if my flat mate or room mate smokes?

The Residences have flats that are designated as non-smoking flats. Students who live in a non- smoking apartment are expected to conform to the clearly stated rule that smoking of any kind in the flat is not permitted by either by visitor or occupants.
Do the Residences have a prayer room?

No, there is not a specific room designated as a prayer room. You can pray in your room or at one of the nearby mosques.
What if I have a car?

Yes, you can bring your car. There are ample parking spaces for cars in the parking lots of the Residences. At the Jebel Ali Garden Residences you are required to purchase a parking sticker for AED 100. There is no charge for the use of parking spaces at the Residences. There is also free student parking available at Knowledge Village.
What if I am having a trouble getting on with my room mate?

The Residence Supervisor should be notified. The Residence Supervisor will help you arrive at a suitable solution to the problem.
What is the scope of the cleaning services?

Generally the cleaners will clean the bathrooms, kitchen, balconies and the common areas. The cleaners will only sweep/vacuum the floors of the bedrooms. You will be responsible for keeping your bedroom clean and tidy. You are also responsible for washing your own dishes and doing your own laundry. The Residence Supervisor will closely monitor the cleaning service. If you have a comment or complaint about the cleaning provided please speak with the Residence Supervisor.

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