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Postgraduate Tuition Grants

Family Tuition Grants

Immediate family members enrolling simultaneously at the University of Wollongong in Dubai are eligible for tuition fee grants as per the following schedule:

1st family member Regular fee
2nd family member 5% grant on annual tuition fee
3rd family member 10% grant on annual tuition fee
4th family member 15% grant on annual tuition fee

Immediate family members are defined as father, mother, siblings and spouse.

Alumni Tuition Grants

There are two types of Alumni grants offered at UOWD. The Alumni Grant and the Family of Alumni Grant.

Alumni Grant

An Alumni grant equal to 20%* of tuition fees will be awarded to students who have graduated from a UOWD undergraduate or postgraduate degree program and wish to enrol in a subsequent degree program at UOWD.  To be eligible, students must have completed a degree at UOWD, and meet all admission requirements for the program for which they have applied.

*Offer valid only for Autumn 2018 intake.

Family of Alumni Tuition Grant

A 5% to 10% grant is available on annual tuition fees for students who have at least one family member who has graduated from a degree program (undergraduate or postgraduate) from UOWD. The grant is not available if the family member completed their studies at the [UOW] Australian campus.

Immediate family members are defined as father, mother, siblings, spouse.

The Family of Alumni grant is available at the start of every semester and students must apply for the grant when they submit their application for Admission form.

Further Information

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